2019, Nigerians Must Look Above Sentiments – Dr Yvonne Obi

Fully and Truly Atikulated, the most popular support group of former vice president Atiku Abubakar, founded by Hajia Hassana Abubakar has been making onerous impact in mobilizing and encouraging Nigerians to support the presidential aspirations of Atiku Abubakar. This time, the diaspora leader/ UK Coordinator, Dr. Princess Yvonne Obi is inspiring Nigerians to look above sentiments but tilt towards ensuring that come 2019, Nigeria transits in her democracy for the good of the country and her citizens.

According to her, “the sooner we realise and put aside sentiments and focus on restructuring our dear country, Nigeria, it will be better for us and our future generations. Things are getting terribly bad in Nigeria (Naija) and what some of us do is to discriminate and throw abuses to avoid the reality. We can’t continue that way.”

The Anambra-born royal princess decried the extent of poverty experienced by the people, emphasising that efforts to ensure that a new government takes over will turn things around for them.

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“The micro and macro-economic reports coming out from Nigeria is very pathetic. It is so bad that a major population of the country cannot boast of a balanced diet per day, children are malnourished and the mortality rate is on the increase due to hardships and air pollution from power generator fumes and other toxins. There is no stable electricity, clean water, good roads, affordable housing, quality education, healthcare etc. Worst is that the minimum wage is N18, 000 per month which is N216, 000 per annum. How can they survive?”

She advised the youths against engaging in political activities relative to declining the smooth conduct of elections in Nigeria but charged them to be political active.

“Our hard-working youths are unemployed due to lack of industries. They shouldn’t be seen and tagged lazy. They are enterprising in various private endeavours. Probably they were tagged lazy because, instead of rising up to restructure our Naija, some of them prefer to be political thugs; majority of Nigerians sell their votes and damn the uncertainty of the future. This time, they must rise up and say enough is enough with their PVCs. It is high time Nigerian youths speak up and act to show their patriotism to Nigeria.”

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She then use the opportunity to call on Nigerians to join the movement to sure a better Nigeria tomorrow.

“Please let us resuscitate Nigeria. Only you and I can do it by being Fully, Truly, and Atikulated. Please get your PVC, join any fully and truly Atikulated chapter around you so we can bring Nigeria back to her lost glory as we continue to mobilize to. We are present in your state, Local Government and Wards.