4 Reasons Pregnant Women Should Avoid Bending

Bending while pregnant is deemed safe as long as the baby is snugly positioned in your womb because when you bend, the amniotic fluid cushions your baby and allows him to move his body and limbs. Although bending is unlikely to harm your baby, it may cause you discomfort as your pregnancy advances, Thecitypulsenews.

Your body is still flexible in the first trimester and your baby is too small to be affected by bending. The placenta and the gut lining both play a role in protecting the fetus which is why it is okay to bend in the first trimester unless your doctor has specifically advised you not to. However, as your pregnancy proceeds into the third trimester, your baby and tummy will both grow in size and you may lose your balance while trying to bend.

Reasons to avoid bending in the third trimester

1 Falling

4 Reasons Pregnant Women Should Avoid Bending

In the 3trd trimester, the baby’s head drops into the pelvis and the body’s center of gravity alters. When bending, a large tummy can throw you off balance and if you trip and fall, you could injure your abdomen, which could result in placental abruption.

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2 Dizziness

When you bend forward blood rushes to your brain making you dizzy and light-headed. In the third trimester of pregnancy losing your balance can be dangerous to your pregnancy.

3 Heartburn

4 Reasons Pregnant Women Should Avoid Bending

When you bend, you put pressure on your stomach which can cause stomach acid returns to the food pipe leaving a bad taste on your tongue and a burning feeling in your esophagus.

4 Back Strain

4 Reasons Pregnant Women Should Avoid Bending

Back pain is a common complaint among pregnant women and leaning forward adds to the strain. It could be unpleasant for your fragile ligaments as well.

! 4 Reasons Pregnant Women Should Avoid Bending

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