Ademola Adeleke: A Man At Peace With Himself By Olumide Lawal

Ademola Adeleke is a man who has a date with destiny: a destiny that has so far put him in good stead to serve at the highest level of lawmaking in Nigeria dispassionately, despite unjust human machinations. He has carried out the onerous task of effective and efficient legislation and oversight functions for the advancement of our great country. He is a man at peace with himself. For when God turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. And a new dawn will soon break in Osun State, a dawn of fresh air, which shall blow across the length and breadth of the state of the living spring. And the great people of Osun State shall by the grace of God and judicial process, have Senator Ademola Adeleke as a servant-leader in the true sense of it.

The journey to the exalted seat of the governor of Osun State at Bola Ige House shall be smoothened by the grace of God and the instrumentality of the judiciary, which has so far proven to be truly the last hope of the common man. The waiting shall not be long, and the good people of Osun State will have cause to smile that the voice of the people, is indeed the voice of God. Senator Ademola Adeleke in the course of his political career so far has passed through the crucible and fire and came out untainted. The ways of God Almighty are not the ways of his traducers, who maliciously did not give him a chance that he could go this far. But they are not God!

Senator Ademola Adeleke is imbued with the resolve to use his God-given wisdom, a good heart and caring soul to move Osun State and her people many miles ahead of its peers as so far demonstrated in his sterling services at the red chamber of the National Assembly. An Osun State, where her youth will be creators of wealth, through induced direct foreign investment and entrepreneurship skills in the real sense of it. This will in effect make Osun State like the Asian Tigers, rather than wait for the peanut from the federal allocation from Abuja.


For Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke, Osun State should be well illuminated with far-reaching socio-economic projects. This is achievable with pragmatic and workaholic leader like Senator Ademola Adeleke who will not shy away from availing Osun people his wealth of experience. There would be a government, which will come with a development blueprint. He arrives at the seat of power in a most determined way that will make his detractors green with envy and crave to join his team for the overall development of Osun State.

Nothing can stop an idea that has come to stay. Osun shall get it so right to the extent that our young school leavers will be happy to partake of the envisaged agro-industrial revolution in the offing.

The good people of Osun State are resilient and focused, only waiting for a leader who will turn their dream into reality from the present state of inertness that they unwarrantedly found themselves. They will have the last laugh which is the best laugh. Let them continue to remain steadfast, resolute and painstaking in their prayers for the grace of God and positive judicial pronouncement for Ademola Adeleke. The Almighty God that started this project shall see it to a favourable conclusion. When by God’s grace and the judicial process Ademola Adeleke becomes the governor of Osun State, it shall be a bond between him and the electorate to make them the centre-piece of his government.

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While other well-meaning and fabulously rich Osun citizens have chosen not to invest in Osun, the Adeleke family have put up a magnificent and world-class university in place at Ede by the peace-loving and philanthropic Adeleke family of which Ademola is a part. They have shown so much love for Osun State and her people, irrespective of religion, tribe, race, creed or colour. Theirs over the years is to put smile on the faces of the underprivileged without any string attached. And they don’t make noise about their achievements, preferring instead others to do it for them.

The silent philanthropist that Dr. ’Deji Adeleke is would rather, like the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, prefer to remain at his post, working assiduously for the improvement of mankind in all ramifications, as only the deep, can call to the deep. This is the family of repute, from which Senator Ademola Adeleke has carved a niche for himself, since his incursion into the political terrain. He is a leader who thinks not only of today but tomorrow, with resolve for a public service built on values.

Olumide Lawal writes from Ede.

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