Foluke Daramola Salako 'FK'

Dear Nigerians,


I am Foluke Darmola Salako (JP).

I am a Nollywood actress; film producer and director of more than 25 years in the movie entertainment and theater practition industry in Nigeria.

I am also a humanitarian. I am the African president of PARA Africa foundation in Nigeria, and by extension, on the continent of Africa.

PARA Africa, a purely humanitarian social organisation, is a non governmental organisation, registered to operate under the extant laws of the federal republic of Nigeria.

On Friday, November 29, 2019, this month to be precise, our foundation is going to be hosting a grand gala event, purposely for the celebration and exaltation of all the aged generational veterans in the Nollywood industry in Nigeria.

This is in recognition of their age long contributions to the growth and development of the Nollywood industry in Nigeria.

More importantly to use the occasion to launch a, first of its kind, health care and social welfare intervention pension scheme to intervene in the harsh economic situations many of them are going through in their private lives at the moment, which has been affecting them from continuing to be the acting stars we all know them to be on the TV screens.

On that day, we are going to be celebrating them with life time achievement recognition awards and also to officially unveil this scheme, which shall be running in partnership with some pension managers and reinsurance organizations in the country for the proper pension and reinvestment management of the funds we are going to be raising and building on their behalf.

However, this is the summary details of how we plan to execute and run the scheme:

We have already embarked on committed efforts to reach out to all well meaning Nigerians of good will and humanitarian hearts privately and socially to help build funds into a pool for this scheme to kick start. Any money realised through these moves, will be given to some of them, who have critical health and economic challenges on November 29, the day of the kick off event.

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After then, those of them who would be interested and captured in the scheme for subsequent survival assistance, would be handed over to the running of the scheme with our partner pension and mutual funds managers organizations. Two of such organizations we are in talks with is IBTC Pension Managers and Crusader pensions organizations.

The pension managers will open and run an account for each of them, from where they shall continue to personally receive financial supports from all well meaning Nigerians and their kind hearted fans around the world. It is these accounts they are going to be operating with these organizations for progressive financial supports and life time benefits.

On our own part, we plan to get some of them back on screen for productive acting or active life by initiating the introduction and production of two hilarious and educative soap operas and TV series, entitled “Old Peoples Home” and “Eko Agba” (Adult Education), which would give all of us the opportunity to watch and enjoy the acting prowess of these veterans again and for the benefits of our charity support investments.

And, as time goes on, our passion for this project, would see to the building of a well equipped location house in any of the 36 states, which could always bring them together for recreational purposes and for the objective of smooth and easy production activities.

This project is an inspirational, necessary and purely humanitarian one. Once again, to celebrate our old order celebrity veterans in the Nollywood industry in the country, so that they and their generational contributions in the growth and survival of the Nollywood industry in Nigeria may not die and be forgotten, and for our intervention to see that they live physically and economically healthy, productive, gainful and happy again.

On this note, we call on all Nigerians of humane and kind hearts to stand with us and support us on this project in cash and kind as no amount will be too small to build this pool of mutual trust and reinvestment fund.

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Our mission is to raise more than 150 million naira for the running of this project in the next 3 years and I believe strongly that with your humanitarian supports and donations, it is achievable and these helpless veterans will be happy again.

I assure you that any money our NGO is able to build to execute this course, will be managed directly by our pension and financial organisation partners for the health care, pension scheme and reinvestment purposes.

If the good God has laid it into your heart to help and support these individual veterans for the gracious survival of this project, you can call Foluke Daramola Salako on +231 812 4356 971 for further enquiries and more interactive explanations on what this project is all about.

I have personal relationships with many of these aged veterans and it saddens my heart, when I receive the calls from some of them on regular occasions, asking me to help with money they should be able to afford by themselves to take care of their situations.

That was the reason I thought about this initiative to help build a humanitarian platform and a scheme to intervene in their harsh situations.

Pa Kasunmu; Edaonileola, Iyabo Oko, Obiageli Malube; Ken Odorokwe; Larry Williams, Sodiq Daba and co. will be happy to receive your kind supports.

See you on November 29.

PARA Africa cares!

Thank you.

– Foluke Daramola Salako (JP),
African President,
Passion Against Rape and Abuse in Africa
PARA Africa Foundation.
+231 812 435 6971

– Amb. Saidi Balogun,
Chairman Organising Committee
& President, The Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria.

– Femi Adebayo,
Nollywood Actor
& PARA Africa Legal Cnsultant.


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