Alafin Of Oyo Reveals Gani Adams Courage, Commitment fetch Him Aare Onakakanfo Title.

The Alaafin of Oyo , Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III , has disclosed that the title of Aare Ona Kakanfo was bestowed on Aare Gani Adams because of his passionately commitment to the protection of the cultural and territorial integrity of Yoruba land.

Oba Adeyemi made this disclosure during his 47th years on the throne’s thanksgiving speech at St Mary’s Catholic Church, Oyo
He disclosed that out of 25 candidates who were shortlisted for the title, Gani Adams was found to have paid dearly and earnestly for the interest of Yoruba land
Oba Adeyemi said ‘ the benchmark of selection was not hung at the sentinel of political engagement, solidity in terms of gold, wealth or fortune neither was it on the number properties acquired on global pedestal but on agrarian and blind engagement of those who have abused and abusing, those who have infringed and infringing on the territorial and cultural territory of Yoruba.

Whatever methods employed by him and his association, the fact still remains that there was a counter balance check valve which sent jitters down to the spines of the irrational irredentists who hitherto thought that they can make mincemeat of Yoruba land”.

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He disclosed that ” And for his bold steps at ensuring that the Yoruba land was not desecrated or lorded over both by blue collar miscreants’ , ethnic irredentists he paid dearly for it “.

Gani Adams, Oba Adeyemi pointed out “has been poignantly consistent in fighting for the protection of Yoruba. He was for many times humiliated, disgraced, menacled and jailed .it is natural for you either to hate, love and dislike him. However ,the truth must not only be told that he was there when the Yoruba needed a person who is bold ,strong and ready to lay his life for the defense of the heritage “.

He revealed that “after he came first at the examination and scrutinization by men and earthly beings , his appointment as the 15th Are Ona Kakanfo was also subjected for approval and subsequently sanctioned by the gods and all the elemental forces in the firmament “.

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Oba Adeyemi disclosed “we also ensured that the three religions being fervently practiced by the Yoruba prayed and endorsed his appointment. Thus, we find it expedient to be here today not only to give and pray to God through Mother Mary, the Holy Virgin for my 47th years on the throne but also for successful installation ceremony of the 15th Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yoruba”.

He disclosed “the role of an Aare Ona Kakanfo both in the peace and war period is not a deal for the Lilly or jelly liver or for a spineless fellow ,it is the consignment of a man with a Lion’s heart and an eagle spirit which we have found in Aare Gani Adams “

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