Lagos APC Local Govt Primaries, Result Released Is A Farce

APC Lagos LG/LCDA Primaries, Result Released Is A Farce

APC Lagos LG/LCDA Primaries, Result Released Is A Farce

…Shenanigans of Alhaji Tunde Balogun led APC Lagos State Caretaker Committee and their masterminds.
…Lagos Political Front LPF is a nucleus within APC Lagos State.


Our attention has been drawn to a published list of selected APC Lagos State Chairmanship and Vice Chairmanship Candidates signed by Alhaji Tunde Balogun and Lanre Ogunyemi as Chairman and Secretary of the APC Lagos State Caretaker Committee respectively, Thecitypulsenews reports.

The entire law abiding APC members and Aspirants that took part in the charade primary and those that stood away from the screening and the primary elections tailored to achieve a predetermined end results by Alhaji Tunde Balogun and his masters.

The people who did not to buy the party’s nomination forms knew fully well that elections can not hold in non existent Local Government councils/LCDAs

Indeed, all Lagosians should disregard the concocted list. It’s a ploy to lord their preferred anointed candidates on the majority of APC members and they believe that, unsuspecting members of the Party will fall for their fraud.

Unfortunately, the plan has failed and will never work. Beyond the fact,that no local government exists in 57 locations in Lagos State by virtue of part 1 of first schedule of 1999 Constitution as altered.

For Instance , the boundary between Ifako Ijaye Local Government Area and Ikeja Local Government Area is clear but LASIEC’s political delineated Ikeja Local Government Area is at variance with what the Constitution says. So also with Agege Local Government, Ikorodu Local Government , Lagos Island Local Government and all the Local Governments listed in Part 1 of First Schedule of 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria as altered.

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Local Government Elections can ONLY be conducted in Constitutionally recognised Local Government areas. With the balkanisation of the Local government areas by Lagos State, no lawful or Constitutionally recognised Local government areas exists in the state.

Such balkanisation is tantamount to unlawful amendment of the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Lagos State House of Assembly did confirm that creation of Local Government by Lagos State can not stand. Lagos State Local Government amendment law (2004) refers.

The so called LCDAs is nothing other than Area offices of Local government councils and by virtue of Section 7 of I999 CFRN as amended , Only Constitutionally recognised Local government Councils that require election to be managed by democratically elected persons.

Why is it that only Lagos State is bent on promoting illegality? Nothing more than selfish reasons. For instance Ogun state has 20 Local Government Areas and created 37 LCDAs like Lagos State.
Ogun state Electoral Commission OGSIEC approved Local Government elections to hold in only 20 Constitutionally recognised Local government Areas in Ogun State.

LASIEC insists election must hold in 57 LGs/LCDAs. It’s obvious the decision of LASIEC is the voice of a political merchant and his fellow political hatchmen in APC.

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The enforcer need to be reminded that no dynasty lasts forever . Time is up.

Assuming the LCDAs that are unknown to law and Lagos State concocted Local Government councils are to be occupied by elected persons (Though not legally possible), which primary election produced the list being bandied by Alhaji Tunde Balogun?

Pursuant to Electoral Act as amended, no one can stand for any election without a primary election. Which primary election produced the candidates of APC or they were just selected as usual?

It is on record as observed by the various law enforcement agencies as well as LASIEC, no primary election held on Saturday 29th May 2021 conformed with democratic norm as enshrined in the Electoral Act and even the extant regulations of the APC .

Instead of democratic elections , violence was the other of the day. Such exercise can not produce acceptable candidates. Which form of democracy is a primary election in which winners were known before the election proper ? Many were forced to concede,some deliberately screened out.

Which justice and equity is attributable to an election appeal panel, when nomination forms were already given to the anointed candidates before the verdict of the panel is given?

Which party in Nigeria and which State in Nigeria being controlled by APC other than Lagos State has an amorphous group known as advisory council, alien to the Constitution of the party as the highest decision making organ?

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Without mincing words ,this can not be a democracy but a “tinubocracy ” form of “demoncracy”.
When they have pre determined agendum , why were they bent on exploiting the unsuspected aspirants.

Despite the provocative statement that no refund of money cunningly collected as nomination fees,
we appeal to those that have been cheated and robbed of their hard earned money not to be despair but to keep calm and be law abiding, the list will not survive legal scrutiny. They should be rest assured. This will be the last of their exploitative tendencies.

To those living in the world of illusion should get off it. It is an off side this time. Candidates presented by APC can not be automatic winners. All votes shall be forensically examined.

All aspirants for Chairmanship positions in the Constitutionally recognised Local Government Areas and Wards’ councillors should be warming up. Verily verily ,we assure you the rascality of those self acclaimed leaders of APC in Lagos State and their arrogance will not see them through this time.

The era of using the mass of APC members to massage their dwindling ego has gone.

Toyin Raheem
Chairman, LPF

Musediku Oluwole
For: Secretary.

C/O 50 ,Olurinde Street, Agege , Agege Local Government, Lagos State, Nigeria.
Tel ; 09095642976 , 08050459608, 08033274545
Email :

 Alhaji Tunde Balogun  Lagos APC Local Govt Primaries, Result Released Is A Farce