Amosun: Taming A Vainglorious Emperor By Salako Adeniyi

There seems to be no better phrase to best describe Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun’s reckless display of power and flexing of political muscle in recent times than vainglory.

Men do not lack knowledge of history, most times they only try to hide from it as they thread the path to abysss, while holding on to the belief that they are a different breed from men of yesterday recorded in the gory pages of history books.
Since losing out in his attempt to force his anointed governorship candidate on his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), the man seems to have gone berserk, betraying all known tendencies of an Omoluabi.

His activities and actions since losing out has put a lot of question on his personality, especially his flagrant display of hooliganism during the APC presidential campaign rally in Abeokuta before the elections. This could only be a surprise to only those who didn’t know the man with the ‘Eiffel Tower’ cap.
He had moved his candidate, Abiodun Akinlade to the APM, yet he won’t give peace and decorum a chance.

Amosun’s style of politics is not strange to the Yoruba race, some have played the card in the past and they are still living to regret it. If Amosun feign ignorance of history, how can he ever pretend not to remember the most recent one which paved way for his emergence as Ogun Governor in 2011. Amosun needs to be reminded of how his predecessor left office in the cloak of disgrace after riding on a braggadocio horse believing he can singlehandedly install a successor, forgetting that the supreme decision lies in the thumb of the electorates.

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In 2010, when the then Ogun Governor Gbenga Daniel and his anointed candidate, Gboyega Isiaka failed to clinch the ticket of the PDP. Daniel, like Amosun is doing now deployed state apparatus and all his political might to the PPN where his anointed candidate had gone to contest, the outcome of that election is Amosun, the people spoke at the polls and rejected an attempt by Daniel to foist his candidate on them.

Like Amosun, Daniel then spat into the air and received the spittle with his eyes, it is either his candidate or no one else, he dragged his leader and ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo in the mud, anything, just anything to see his candidate take over from him. The rest is now history as Daniel was humbled by the electorate.

Eight years after, history is repeating itself in the Gateway State. Like a dog going lost which ignores the whistle of the hunter, this new emperor won’t learn from history.

Prior to the APC primaries that led to the emergence of Dapo Abiodun as the party’s gubernatorial candidate in Ogun state, Amosun had bragged and threatened all credible candidates like Senator Solomon Adeola out of the race, he was not going to hand over to a Lagos returnee he boasted severally in public.

A philosopher Thomas Hobbes had postulated that vainglorious people make treacherous subjects. Not only do they make treacherous subjects, they also turn out to be terrifying rulers to the people they lead, could the men around Amosun be so treacherous and terrified that they cannot sit the man down to advise him as he heads for political albatross?

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History has shown that the vainglorious emperors who have fallen in the past, went into utter destruction as a result of excessive power intoxication and a self-estimation that is based on poor knowledge of themselves, which is further compounded by the flattery and cheering of their palace jesters, the ones Yoruba call ‘igi da, eye fo’, they are never in the league of the ‘abobakus’. The ‘abobakus’ are known to be mindful of how the king threads, his fall, they know is their inevitable fall.

Such leader have an over estimated belief in their own power, and they delight in that belief obsessively. They see everyone as an enemy and pick fight with them, even when it is clear that the way which seems right to them will end in destruction.

Sadly, such leaders only attract manipulators as friends and acquaintances, those who only tell them what their ears itch to hear – lies and vain appraisal. The type of manipulating followers who praise the leader to high heavens and belittle the leader’s critics.

Amosun needs to be tamed, he will be tamed but not by any political super power, but only by the people who have the supreme and sovereign power to humble a braggadocio and vainglorious leader. The people and only the people will do that with their PVCs on Saturday.

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