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APC Backs Labour Strike On Unpaid Salaries In Ondo State.

APC Backs Labour Strike On Unpaid Salaries In Ondo State.


After a long endurance by the entire workforce of Ondo State Government over the nonpayment of its salaries for a record of five months and allowances of pensioners by the PDP led-government, the All Progressives Congress(APC) Ondo state has noted with concern, the resolve of the Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) under the auspices of the State Joint Negotiating Council to embark on an indefinite strike to drive home their demands for the payment of their salaries arrears. 

Before now, one would have expected the NLC & Trade Unions to put their houses in order to rescue their members from the underserved and excruciating hunger that had been ravaging their wellbeing in the last five months. We also observed that the strike action now embarked upon by the Unions was long overdue bearing in mind that the only language that the ruling Peoples Democratic Party led-government in the state seems to understand is industrial action by the union before it could respond to the pain of workers who had only received salary once this year. 

We (APC) had been pointing the attention of the people of the State to the financial recklessness of Governor Olusegun Mimiko, which has inflicted unimaginable suffering on the workers in spite of the huge monthly allocations accruing to the State from the federation account including millions of Naira being generated internally on monthly basis also through multiple taxation and other sources by the government.

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It was unfortunate and regrettable that the special intervention bailout fund by the Federal Government of about N15 Billion meant for the payment of workers salaries arrears in the state was squandered by the Mimiko government on irrelevances.

This action of the government is responsible for the economic dislocation of the entire inhabitants of the state. Let us  Imagine what N15Billion would have done to turn around the economy of the state if that fund had been injected into the economy through payment of workers’ salaries arrears that was meant for in the first place.

It was disheartening to see Ondo State listed among the league of failed states that refused to pay their workforce, in spite of the unique position which the state occupies as an oil producing state in the Southwest geopolitical zone of Nigeria which confers on her the special status that attracts additional 13% oil derivation outside the monthly allocation from the Federation Account.

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With all sense of responsibility and commitment to your wellbeing, we (APC) are standing by you (NLC & TUC) and we sympathise with you at this trying moment of your members (workers) in the state who are finding life unbearable to live a decent lifestyle. We are also calling on every citizen in the state to support the workers in this struggle as the economic wellbeing of the entire populace rests on regular payment of workers’ salaries bearing in mind that the state relies heavily on the civil service income to boost other sectors of the economy.

We however urge the leadership of the Unions to make sure they pursue this agitation to a logical conclusion by remaining resolute in their demands in ensuring that the callous administration of Dr. Olusegun Mimiko pays up their salary arrears. They should however pursue their agitation in a peaceful manner. We are assuring them that the All Progressives Congress will make them a happy partner on assumption of office come Febuary 24, 2017 God willing.”

Steve Otaloro

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