Crisis Brew As Group Says No Consensus Candidate For APC Lagos State Chairmanship Position

APC – In what looks like major crisis, our attention has been drawn to a rumour that one Ojelabi has been named as the consensus candidate for the State congress election that is to hold on Saturday 16th, October, 2021, a group in Lagos has come to react to the statement, reports.

It’s not only an embarrassment to all members of APC in Lagos State but a ridicule to the party as a whole, the group said.

Those that are behind the rumour are likely to be gauging reaction of the people if it will scale through. Unfortunately ,it’s an agenda that has failed at inception.

I doubt if those behind the consensus idea are not people with very short memory or are just impervious to history.

There were serious rancour in the state after the last congress few years ago when winners of congress were announced at the bedroom of one man two days before the congress proper.

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One wonders the motive of those behind the consensus arrangement.Their effrontery to start congratulating Ojelabi with inset of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu is nauseating .This necessitated this press release .

For benefit of doubt, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu should be left to fully recover from his illness instead of dragging him into another political mess that will definitely boomerang.

Our symbol Fouad Alade Oki and all the good members of APC in Lagos State are fully prepared for the primary, be it direct or indirect , we are sure of victory in a very legitimate way.

May we use this medium to also call on Mr Ojelabi not to allow some uncrupulous elements to use him for destabilisation of APC in Lagos State. APC in Lagos State does not belong to one person or a group of some reactionary fellows in a progressive party.

We wonder why democratic tenets can not be respected by those that claim to be democrats.

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We warn very sternly whoever does not want his political gear to be permanently reversed should not be part of the brazen consensus arrangement to impose an unpopular puppet on the party as the state chairman.

To the teeming supporters and fans of Fouad Alade Oki , there is no cause for alarm,we are above their antics . No one should be dismayed .Their evil plan will not work.

We know Fouad Alade Oki is their headache. We are only shocked as to why Oki’s vision to make APC a party for everybody to embrace in Lagos State could be a problem.

If promotion of progressive and democratic norms which Oki is committed to is their headache, then I doubt if any doctor be it orthodox or native could prescribe any drug or herb to heal their headache.

Fouad Alade Oki is in the race for the Chairmanship of APC , Lagos State Chapter to protect the interest of all members of the party regardless of status and the rights to vote and be voted for in any election without molestation, harrasment or god fatherism.

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We have trust in God ,we shall be victorious no matter the evil plans of anti democratic forces in Lagos State .

APC Crisis Brew As Group Says No Consensus Candidate For APC Lagos State Chairmanship Position
Fouad Alade Oki