Bring Your Vision To Reality, Join Hesges Synergy Investment Network – Barr. Tunji Adegboyega Shed More Light.

In search of welfarism and betterment for Nigeria common man, small scale business owners, entrepreneur who aim to get big with time and follow due process, Societypulse News over the weekend meets barrister Adetunji Adegboyega the brain behind Hesges Synergy Investment plan network plan.

Adetunji Adegboyega

Barr. Adetunji Adegboyega is the chairman CEO of Hesges  Synergy Nigeria Limited.

In this exclusive interview with Societypulse News he speaks on what Hesges Synergy is all about, he said further that, it is what an average Nigerian needs to be part of because it will be useful to them one day.

Scope of the business :

” Hesges Synergy is a business development and investment network. Simply called HS, the aim of the company is to bring people of like minds together to create an unbreakable network that helps each one of them to achieve their individual goals and objectives. It is a business development and investment network that is tailored to fit individual plans of members of the network.

The purpose of the network is to create a financial pool that helps members to fulfil their dreams. What individuals cannot achieve on their own and with their resources they will be able to achieve leveraging on the strength of the group.


Whatever your state or position in life HS is there to help you realise your goals, visions and dreams. In as much as our individual goals and objectives differ in life and what we need to achieve them also differs, what HS does is to create a financial pot from where each member can take whatever they need. In Nigeria, as well as most third world countries, a lot of individual’s dreams go unfulfilled because of lack of financial capabilities occasioned majorly because access to funds is principally through the bank or other formal financial sector operators or through family and friends. Banks do not fund start-ups predominantly and most people do not have relatives with funds to help realise their dreams ” he said

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Furthermore, Barr. Tunji said ” Thus in a country of predominantly poor or below average people; in a country where majority are struggling to eat, pursuing their dreams becomes an impossibility and so many dreams die with the dreamers, many visions perish with the visionary, HS is here to bridge this gap by helping the helpless in bringing their dreams to fruition ONLY by their being a part of the financial network.

How it works :

The individual come into the network by bringing his or her meagre contributions which is then put into the network pool to become a substantial whole from which each member can then partake without prejudices. Please note it is not an alternative to banks and other financial institutions. HS is a super-partner in progress for all categories of persons. From the unemployed graduate looking for work to the indigent entrepreneur. From the market woman in need of steady supply of goods with minimal advance financial commitment to the student with the right ideas! From the artisan looking for funds to support his or her trade to the shopper who craves credible and transparent discounts; HS is there to support you “, Barrister Tunji explained.

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How to join :

Interested candidate can join online at or visit any of the liason office close to them.


However, one thousand Naira is for registration while two thousand Naira will contributed monthly like subscription or membership fee.

Selling point

The selling point, he said ” after being a member for four consecutive months, he or she is qualified to submit a proposal that will be financed and monitored by the company” .

In conclusion, a question was asked to know the limit of what the company can absorb in terms of financial limit the company can do, he replied ” once the business is legit and legal, their is no limit to what we can fund.