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Buruji Kashamu Finally Opens Up Says ” Fayose And Some Forces In Ogun Wants Me Dead ” Must Read…

Fayose, some forces in Ogun want me dead – Kashamu opens up…

Buruji Kashamu

Senator Buruji Kashamu, representing Ogun East Senatorial District in the National Assembly, has alleged that Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose wants him dead.

Kashamu who made the allegation in an interview with New Telegraph, said it was unfortunate that certain persons do not like others who have genuine interest towards the plight of the poor.

“Some politicians believe I am too powerful, popular and influential. There is no way you will be in politics, especially at my level and not step on toes,” he said.

“So, all those intimidated by the unsolicited influence and popularity which naturally comes because of ones generosity to people, are always trying to use things against me.

“They want my enemy to die, they desire terrible thing for the enemy of Kashamu not me, but I thank God for always keeping and protecting me, regardless of the machinations of enemies.”

Asked to be specific on those he was referring, Kashamu replied: “They are many and they are everywhere. They are in Ogun State, they are everywhere. I do know that the Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose is one of them.”


“I don’t know what went wrong between us but he talks too much. He hurls insults at government and leaders. Instead of him to go and fight for the interest of Yoruba, he is after his own interest.”

Kashamu further accused Fayose of sponsoring media campaign against him so as to pressurize the federal government to extradite him.

He inisisted that the NDLEA does not have the power under the law to extradite anybody but the Attorney General of the Federation.

“If the courts in United Kingdom and Nigeria have exonerated me, then what is the agency talking about? It is supposed to defend the law of our country through the rulings of the court.

“If it can’t do that, what is it doing there then. This same NDLEA participated in the same case where I was exonerated in London, it gave evidence in London in my favour, and it sent one of their staff to London as witness.

“In another suit in Lagos, I took them to court. When I came, NDLEA was there and it swore to an affidavit in the court saying I was not involved in drug and that the United States was not looking for me.

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“So, how can it now turn around and start saying the opposite. This same NDLEA is aware that there is a treaty between Nigeria, Unites States and the United Kingdom.

“A part of the treaty says you cannot extradite someone who is not a fugitive. Of course, I am not a fugitive, I’ve never been to the United States in my life and I have never run away from this case. You’ve arrested me, I faced the case and won. You came here, you wanted to abduct me, the case went to court, I defeated you.

“I am not a fugitive, I don’t fall in that category. Also, the treaty said among the three countries where the treaty is binding, if you have arrested anyone whereby the person has been sentenced, exonerated or discharged of any similar case, you cannot bring an extradition case against that person in any of the remaining two countries.”

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