Corruption Is More Pervasive In Buhari’s Government – CACOBAG

A civil society Coalition Against Corruption And Bad Governance ( CACOBAG ) in a press release made available to Thecitypulsenews declared that despite reduction in payments of public funds into private accounts , corruption is more pervasive in this government of Major General Muhammadu Buhari rtd than any government we have ever had in Nigeria.

The statement reads “We have noted the propaganda in some quarters that reduction in payments of public funds to private purses is a testament that corruption has reduced under this government.

It’s a fallacy that is known even to those at the helm of affairs.

We at CACOBAG do agree that public funds are been paid into government accounts but vehemently disagree that corruption has reduced. Infact, it’s not only worse under this government but going to an alarming rate and drastic action has to be taken to combat it.

President Buhari should act based on his statement , “let us kill corruption before it kills Nigeria”.

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Government funds may be going into government purse but it’s obvious the corrupt elements in the government have devised means to continue to embezzle public funds .

Ongoing Massive corruption under this government despite public funds been paid into government accounts is another magic by the corrupt elements in this government.
The more public funds paid into government accounts,the more the other means they adopt to perpetrate fraud.
Its unfortunate , with the glaring corruption in the country, some Nigetians are still bent on being used to promote the propaganda of this government.

If government funds been paid into government accounts have any significance in the fight against corruption by this government, how come corruption is more pervasive under this government than other successive governments ?

While we encourage the government to still be more rigid to ensure every government fund goes into the government accounts. It must do more by tracing and ensuring all other conduit pipes through which public funds are embezzled are blocked.

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Corruption can only be fought holistically if we must win the fight against corruption.
The conduit pipes are known to the government and knows how to tackle it if it’s determined.

Several challenges of the country including insecurity, bad governance , political robbery etc are as a result of corruption.
1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria as altered makes it mandatory for the government to abolish corruption and abuse of office.


Payment of government funds into government accounts is surely a way to reduce corruption but the corrupt elements in power have means through which they continue their business as usual to satisfy their ostentatious life styles thereby putting public utility in danger” .

Toyin Raheem
Chairman, CACOBAG.