News Recap! Petroleum Minister: Can Godwin Jedy Agba Be Trusted


If this assertion is true, then Chief Godwin Jedy-Agba, is at the threshold of what could be its sweetest epoch of statesmanship and politics, remember this young man is a close ally to former Petroleum minister under Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

Following his emergence as the ministerial nominee, those involved in oil sector maladministration in the past and his political circuits in Nigeria are ecstatic with joy, recall that this medium published a story about how Chief Godwin Jedy-Agba is soiling President Buhari’s name for nominating him as a minister because of the role he played during the last administration.

The emergence of this so-called technocrat of note, has thrown the oil sector into euphoric fits of displeasure.

Although, he commanded the applause of a critical senate during the screening and by the time he was done, the hallowed chambers of the Eighth National Assembly was swoony from his speech and measured élan.

For over thirty minutes, he dazzled lawmakers of Nigeria’s upper legislative chamber from the hot seat during the ministerial screening session. The intense conference of parliamentarians and President Muhammadu Buhari’s ministerial nominees

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However,Jedy-Agba established his depth and brilliance by taking his time to enlighten the lawmakers about issues pertaining to country’s ailing oil sector for like 30mins. Here is a question from Nigerians – does this mean that Chief Jedy Agba will not be corrupt like former minister whom he really helped to perfect all the corruption she carry out during Jonathan’s regime.

Based on his antecedent, It will be hyperbolic to say that Godwin has a patriot’s heart and the soul of a revolutionary. Appointed Minister-nominee with a view to serving as the unsullied force of hope that would endow President Muhammadu Buhari’s patriotic, heartfelt efforts to rid the nation’s oil sector of ineptitude and corruption.

Note, Jedy-Agba he is one of Nigeria’s very experienced energy administrators, he is a minister-nominee of President Muhammadu Buhari. And there is, understandably, sad impression in the quarters of those who know the capacity and experience of the nominee in the oil and gas sector during the last administration.

Notwithstanding his previous temperate, restrained and strategic foray into partisan politics, his accomplishments and exploits as an astute administrator have not diminished a bit but his corruption attributes is scary.


While the likely portfolio that would be assigned to the Prince of Obudu from Cross River state is not the subject of this piece of writing, it is, however, not in doubt that Buhari has made up his mind about using him, but reports from public domian wants President Buhari to scrutinize him very well before giving him the appointment.

Chief Jedy-Agba, a former Group General Manager (GGM), Crude Oil Marketing Division (OMD) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) will likely be assigned: perhaps, not far away from the petroleum ministry. While it is unlikely the President will hands off his direct control of the Petroleum Ministry, as the substantive Minister-in-charge.

President Buhari will need a brilliant and effective minister of state who can be saddled with all the basic responsibilities of the ministry without caving in.

If the politics of administration is played with humility and wisdom, a minister of state can enjoy the privilege of full control with the confidence of the President to boot.

From the publics, can Jedy-Agba be trusted to deliver on a presidential mandate with tact and precision.

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With President Buhari’s commitment to consolidating on the achievements of his first four years in the saddle, attention is focused on experience. The president appears unprepared to gamble with “untested hands”. He is greatly seeking to make a better impression in his second term of office. To do this, he cannot afford to put square pegs in round holes. Buhari cannot afford to deploy a learner who cannot take the pressure off him in the administration of the critical petroleum sector.

Besides, time is of the essence. While the nation is waiting to see the ministers hit the ground running, critics are also waiting to feast on the administration’s mistakes.

Viewed from any angle, Jedy-Agba is not a good pick who could help the administration to weather the storm in the entire oil industry.

This will enlighten you more about the role he played under Goodluck regime

How Ministerial Nominee From Cross-river Jedy-Agba Is Soiling President Buhari’s Integrity