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COVID-19: Conoil Offshore Workers Face Food Starvation

…As prolonged stay onboard causes threat, tension among workers

Conoil offshore platform workers at Auntie Julie, Master P. and Ango field both in Ondo and Bayelsa states face food shortage, starvation and lack of care onboard, Thecitypulsenews gathers.

COVID-19: Conoil Offshore Workers Face Food Starvation

Our Niger/Delta correspondent  Comrade Ukah during the course of investigation gathered that the workers are left onboard at the various Conoil platforms without food and are staying up to two and 6 months onboard without crew change in the various Conoil offshore locations.

It was revealed that due to prolonged over stay onboard threat and tensions rises among workers in the various locations as gaseous emissions inhaled by workers cause various diseases among workers, even medics lacks drugs and other necessary first aids equipment in it as it is exhausted without replacement.

The workers are accusing the following management officials: Chief Eyewoma, Mr. Daibo, Mr. Innocent H.R, Mr. Daibo as well as other top management staff of Conoil of allegedly being behind the ordeals they are passing through, urging the NNPC, DPR as well as Chevron to investigate Conoil for the poor and inhuman treatment they are emitting to workers onboard.

They are also appealing to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Conoil to quickly rise up to oversee his company as those he handed it over to manage are running it aground , noting that if urgent steps not taken the platforms may soon collapse.

COVID-19: Conoil Offshore Workers Face Food Starvation


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