Ayo Razaq Ojolowo Chairman/Founder Embassy Foundation

….Visited Abdulbasit Saheed a sicklecell anaemia patient in Abuja

Concerned Citizen Embassy Foundation a non governmental organisation registered in Nigeria have taking their campaign against Sicklecell anaemia disease to Rwanda and other East Africa countries like Tanzania,Kenya,Sudan,Uganda,Ethiopia and others.


Speaking to our correspondent from Dubai the Executive Director of the foundation Mr.Tunji Abdullahi Ojolowo said “the Foundation choose Rwanda as an operational base among the East Africa countries because of the Government of Rwanda disposition towards NGOs in the country. It will be recalled that in june 2021 Mr.Tunji Ojolowo visited Rwanda for inspection and familiarization visit and during his 3 weeks stay in Kigali,Rwanda Mr.Tunji Ojolowo discovered the peaceful and enabling environment in Kigali compare to other East Africa countries so chosing Rwanda as the Foundation operational base is non-negotiable.

Ayo Razaq Ojolowo Chairman/Founder Embassy Foundation

The Executive Director further said during his short stay in kigali he noticed that the enabling environment in Rwanda will gives the foundation the necessary platform to operate and it will enable the foundation to commence its huge project that will entails sensitization, orientation and identification of sicklecell families in Rwanda and other East Africa countries, also as we know that Rwanda is renowned for giving maximum support to his Citizen interms of health and welfare and we can’t wait to partner with relevant authority and other NGOs including the Red Cross to identify and support the sicklecell anaemia patients in East Africa countries.

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The Foundation mission in East Africa countries is “to bring hope to the African children also to improve the whole lives of those living with sickle cell disease across Rwanda and other East Africa countries by destroying barriers, cultivating unprecedented partnerships & employing innovative strategies to deliver impactful advocacy initiatives & life-enhancing programs to eradicate sickle cell disease because we believe that sickness has no boundaries, limits and compassion as Embassy Foundation Team will soon land in Rwanda later this year to establish its base in Kigali Mr Tunji submits.

Abdullahi Olatunji Ojolowo Executive Director
Embassy Foundation

Also in August 15th 2021 to mark the birthday of the founder and Chairman of the Foundation Mr. Ojolowo Ayo Razaq the foundation visited one Abdulbassit Saheed a sicklecell anaemia patient in Abuja in which the Foundation donated foods items and drugs to him during the visit.

Speaking during the visit, the FoundationOperational Manager(North).Saheed Hajara Oyiza said, “This is a normal routine exercise of the NGO that we do periodically to give the victims sense of belonging that the foundation want them to feel they are not negnected “She further said that the goals of establishing the foundation was putting a smile on the faces of African children and their parents.

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