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Exclusive ! I Will Love To Be In Romance Movie With Susan Patrick – Actor Ero Josh Reveals.

​Exclusive Interview:

I’d Love To Be In a Romance Movie With Susan Patrick….Actor Ero josh.

Ero Josh is a Nollywood actor and director who has stared a lots of block buster movies in Nigeria. The Edo born actor has really up his game in the movie industry this year which has actually earned him several awards both locally and internationally.

Ero josh can be said to be a all round talents because he does not only directs but also sings and some of his singles already enjoying massive air play has testify him as one talent that needs to be reckon with.

How was growing up like for you?

Growing up was fun, though I was not allowed to even watch TV at some part of my formative age.

What are your hobbies?

I love writing songs for artists, which I do pretty well but not allowed to say who I sold songs for.

What inspired you to be an actor?

My passion for entertainment generally inspired me to be an actor.

How many movies have you featured in?

I have been in numerous movies and I played the lead male role in the current movie that cause all the caos that Ani Iyoho was burned alive in one of the scenes.

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By the way the tittle of the movie with the controversy is (Behind the wheels) I just rounded up from Benita Nzeribe’s job title (Deka Llyon).

When was your lowest moment in your career as an actor?

Well as a beginner I remember one time after taking the master with a star actress who I won’t mention her name here, we did her close up and I reacted the exact way in the master on her close up but when it got to my close up shot she started pressing her phone and would not give me the right reaction but she won’t dare such nonsense with me now.

Who is your role model in nollywood?

My role model is Keneth Okonkwo

There is lot of competition in the industry?

I don’t believe in competition, I do my thing and let God bless me with what He would. When your time comes no devil cant compete with you.

How do you intend to find your place in the industry?

I already found my place in the industry, otherwise you won’t be interviewing me right now.


What is your relationship with established actors?

I respect and admire the people I met here even the ones that met me here can testify

What does love mean to you?

True love can only be true in the sanctity of marriage any other type should be agape love or pure lost. There is no such thing as love outside marriage.

How daring are you in romance movies?

I am very daring in my movies but I will not go to the extent of having sex on set like some people wrongly assume.

Which actress  would you like to be paired in romance movies?

I’d love to be in a romance movie with Susan Patrick if you can bring her back. (Lolz).

Where do you see yourself next five years?

I see myself doing what I love, not just movies but general entertainment.

What do you have to tell your fans?

I don’t have fans, I see the people who relate with me or my work as family and I am grateful to them and keep supporting nollywood

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