Exclusive : Oyo APC Youths Protest Against Ibadan High Chief Fijabi’s Brazen Acts Of Lawlessness

Chief Akinola Fijabi (Baba Oloye).

Chief Akinola Fijabi (Baba Oloye).

…As he twists court decision on his controversial Chieftancy title

By his age, political standing and traditional Chieftancy title, Akin Fijabi is supposed to be a shinning example of what an elder statesman, opinion moulder and a good example for others, especially the young bloods in his avowed pary, All Progressives Congress (APC) Oyo state chapter and general public.

But this very rancorous Ibadan high chief is a complete opposite of all the good virtues of politics without bitterness.

There are many instances the man Fijabi has proven he finds it very hard to play by the rules and respect constituted authority.

To Fijabi, the political game must be played rough, tough and spill blood if need be.

The very decent of his uncouth and very vindictive characteristics was on display recently when he openly fought people against his interest at the party secretariat, Oke Ado, Ibadan, the venue of the last congress primaries where he attacked members of the unity group.

The uncautionable high Chief was so reckless that he threw caution to the wind by engaging his perceived opponent during the Election that was believed to be free of hostility, until Fijabi came with his gangster-like approach to issues that did not favour him just to register his displeasure at the way things were slipping out of his grip at the congress.

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Perhaps, this is why some concerned youths of the party in the state are earnestly querying his continued relevance in the party claiming that he’s becoming more of a liability to the party than an asset, a situation which could indirectly affect the good fortune and chances of the party in the fast approaching general election.

That is not all, there are also other dark spots about this politician, as it has been established by those who should know that Fijabi is not a genuine and a thorough son of the soil, that is , he is not a bonafide Ibadan indigene and as such, does not deserve to be conferred such a prestigious and reverred Chieftancy title he parades at present.

How he unmeritoriously came about this high Chief title is a story for another day because to discuss it here will be contemptuous because the matter is still in court.

Again, as if this riotous and revolting blood runs in the veins of the Fijabi’s, one can not forget so soon, how one of his sons, honourable Saheed Fijabi became dis-honourable on the floor of the house of Reps by fighting so vehemently with some colleagues that his clothes were torn into shreds at the end of the shameful fight over an issue that could have been resolved diplomatically and amicably if the younger Fijabi had allowed the sense of peacemaking to take the better part of him ; but alas ! (dis)honourable Saheed Fijabi will rather toe his famous father’s line by setting scores with his perceived opponent via fisticuff.

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In the wake of all these shenanigans being perpetrated by the elder Fijabi, the youths of the state in the party are wondering why the state party leader and executive governor Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi and other credible elders of the party are still keeping such a despicable character in their fold.

A situation which political opponent might use to campaign in the sure to be heated 2019 general election.

Many others who could not boldly come out to face him are whispering aloud that Fijabi deserves a red card from the party because of his many atrocities that is putting the party in bad light the state.