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Exclusive : Reports On Just Concluded National Technology Competition Among Schools In Nigeria.

Mr Olalekan Ibrahim The Project coordinator.

66 students nationwide registered and submitted their project based on specific focus for the Just concluded national technology competition.

The primary school category were ask to design a website for their school using HTML and CSS, Junior secondary category was ask to create an animation that can promote agriculture in Nigeria while Senior secondary category was ask to design a code that is interactive and user friendly.

Project submissions was received through the NTC online application. A jury was setup which comprises of web developers and computer scientists by Quadcore Technology Ltd. This jury selected the best 6 in each category for the finals.

The 6 best selected students comprises of Rivers State, Kano State and FCT Abuja. They were all invited to the grand finale and award ceremony which took place at the school auditorium of Glisten International Academy on the 11th Aug 2017.

18 students participated during the grand finale with six from each category.

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At end of the final, the grand winners are:

Primary category:

First Age Private School Abuja – 1st position.

Surebloom International Schs – 2nd Position

Intercontinental Sch Kano – 3rd Position

Junior secondary category:

Glisten international academy – 1st position.

Glisten international academy – 2nd position

Intercontinental Sch Kano – 3rd

Senior secondary category:

Glisten international academy clear 1st 2nd 3rd positions.

Picture from the final:

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