Face Cleansing In The Morning

By Leah Gitonga

Cleaning face or cleansing is one of the most important thing to do in the morning and at night as well. Face is the first thing that catches everyone eye when you meet them. A good and healthy skin will always gives one’s confidence all the times. This is because most people who have blackspot, acne or black heads, blemishes tends to feel shy and some cannot look you straight to the eyes because some develops low self esteem.

To mention few things that can help your skin remain clean and clear all the time and free from acne and black spots , first when cleansing your face avoid bath towels this is because they keep bacteria and when your cleaning your skin you open the pores and it will be very easily for the bacteria to get into skin .Secondly choose the cleanser that are right for your skin type. Its advisable to clean your hands before cleaning the face.This is because the hands gets contaminated most when we touch things around, shaking hands and this can transfer bacteria easily on your skin.

Washing your face before your head is another don’t, this because the water containing shampoo or conditioner or other hair washing products can run on your skin and gets into the open pores which can lead to irritation of the skin.

Most people thinks using hot water can help reduce oil on the skin.This is because when you use hot water to clean your face you normally drips out skin natural oils from the skin and this can cause dryness leading to skin developing wrinkles. Instead use lukewarm water which is comfortable to use and it will help to remove all the dirt and other debris on your skin.Dont forget also cold water still not good for cleaning the face, this is because it can’t remove dirt and oil and other debris. Remove make up first, avoid using facial scrubs too frequently because scrubbing alot can irritate your skin and can lead to a pre mature ageing, it can also remove the protective layer of your skin ,twice a week is recommended. Note don’t dry your face with towel, avoid harsh tonners especially with alcohol, don’t skip serum or moisturizer grab your SPF which is 30+ and abave and always pay attention to the ingredients on your face products and your face will all always look fabulous all the time.