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There are so many fake products flooding Nigerian markets and one has to be really careful. A good number of Nigerians have fallen victims of fake and substandard products. Imagine spending your hard earned money on something only for you to open it and realize it is fake. If there’s a ranking for the world’s highest market for fake and substandard products, Nigeria would be top on the list. In Nigeria, when it comes to the production of fake things, one place that comes to mind is Aba in Abia state. All manner of fake goods and products are flooding the Nigerian market.

People are getting more desperate to make money, not minding whether millions of people lose their lives in the process. It could be recalled that in October 2017, NAFDAC arrested a 56-year-old man, Christopher Nnabuihe who was selling fake Peak milk. Also, there was this video that went viral showing the production of fake Milo chocolate drink. Nigerians just have to beware when buying beverages so they do not land in the hospital this period.

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According to Information this medium gathered from SOCIETY REPORTERS , reliable online news platform shows that there is a new video of another production of fake peak mil going round and this calls for caution and consumers of this product needs to be extra careful and be proactive before it will end up recording lost of lives.

Check out the video

Source: Society Reporters

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