Fayose Reacts To Rumour, Says “if I’m leaving PDP I will make it public.” . Must Read…

Ayodele Fayose

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has reacted to the news of the confusion over his alleged move away from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), saying “if I’m leaving PDP I will make it public.”

Fayose was reacting to news reports that he had removed the PDP logo from his billboards and other political insignia, but denied that he did that.

He said the cause of the rumour was the green “Continuity 2018” branded vehicles and billboards seen around the state capital, pointing out that it was an agenda by a support group.

Fayose said: “Clearly, I am a member of the PDP. There are no two ways to it. I am a leading light in the party and the Chairman of the PDP Governor’s Forum. The strategy for the 2018 election is entirely my business. The way I go about it is entirely my business.”

On the plain green vehicles without party logo or insignia, Fayose explained that “the branded buses are saying “Continuity 2018″ and it is an agenda of a support group. It is still not a campaign because time for campaign has not come.”

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According to him, “when the time for campaign comes, there would be a direction and it will be very clear. And if there’s the need to make a detour or go to another political party, why not? I will make it public because I’m not somebody that will do things under the table. If PDP is no more the direction, we abandon it, especially if the Supreme Court says it is Sheriff. I will never work with Sheriff.”

On what he would do regarding the appeal at the Supreme Court to determine the party’s direction, he said “there’s no law that says you should run election in a particular political party, you can run in any political party depending on the situation and circumstance.

“But if they are bent on destroying the PDP, what is the law that says you should remain in the party and have them destroy it on you. In Delta State, the system called for them to take an alternative route and that was how they defeated the charlatans, people who tried to destroy the party. That is why they went to the Accord Party.

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“So, for me and as I speak, I’m a bonafide member of the PDP and by all standard, I’m confident that this party will survive the current challenges.”

The governor added that “if the Supreme Court says it is Sheriff, I will walk away. I will abandon the party. I’ve said that several times and I don’t mince words. I can never work with Sheriff, I cannot do anything with Sheriff.

“If we lose the appeal at the Supreme Court, so be it. We will take a different route. I’m not bound to remain. Party is a vehicle and the driver is more important than a vehicle because the driver can drive another vehicle while the vehicle cannot drive itself. If we lose at the appeal, I have no choice I have to move on.”

Reports had indicated that Fayose had removed PDP logo from his campaign office and billboards in parts of the state, which it insinuated had implied that he was preparing to dump the party, thereby causing uncertainty.

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