If Fayose Wins PDP Primary Elections, We Will Rally Round Him – Sule Lamido

Sule Lamido

Fayose is a Nigerian citizen, isn’t he? And under our constitution, he has the right to aspire for anything he wants. Local arrangement in the PDP is something else and in our calculation, if we think his aspiration is going to undermine our interest, of course, we would tell him. We would say, Look, Fayose take it easy bluh, bluh, bluh. It is a simple thing. But you see, anybody, even you, has the right if you join the PDP, we would give you a waiver. You see, the zoning thing was done for some conveniences but the purpose is to get harmony. However, if we don’t have the kind of understanding we need, we go for elections and once you emerge from the convention, then you are the choice of the PDP – whether Fayose or anybody else, we would rally around him. If Fayose wins we would rally around him.

You see, the party can give guidelines but then we would converge at the convention and then say look, These are the kind of things we should do in order to have harmony and in spite of that, there might be others who will still say they will come and contest, fair enough but we would stand by the understanding that we have. They are Nigerians but the voters would say this is the person that we will vote for. And if Fayose emerges, of course, we will vote for him.

Daily Trust (Sunday, October 29, 2017)

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