Fresh Controversy As PDP Holds Peace Meeting In Ogun With Kashamu, Bayo Dayo Conspicuously Absent

PDP leaders @ the event

…Secodus Berates Buhari, APC Over InsecurityMoves by the Ladi Adebutu’s group to bring all the warring factions within the state chapter of the party under one umbrella through a unification meeting on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 was dotted with fresh controversy as major stakeholders were absent.

According to our source,  Prince Buruji Kashamu, the party Governorship candidate in the last general election, Engr Bayo Dayo, the state Chairman of the party, as well as major PDP leaders in the state were conspicuously absent at the event which held at the state capital in Abeokuta.

The boycott of the unification meeting reportedly initiated by Hon Ladi Adebutu sources said has further fueled speculation that all is not well with the party after many years of messy internal wrangling which has torn the umbrella, PDP symbol of unity into shreds in the state.

Meanwhile, speaking at the well-attended event, the National Chairman of People Democratic Party, PDP, Uche Secondus has said that since the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress, APC have been in the power, there have been more killings, hunger, suicide and kidnapping in the country.

He also called for unity among the party members adding that it is unification that can help in taking the power from the ruling party.

According to him, the number of people that have been killed in the section of APC cannot be placed on record.

”For how long can we be oppressed. For how long can we be intimidated. For how long can we continue to kill ourselves. There is so much hunger, more killings on the land. We have never witnessed such before even when Nigeria passed through the civil war”

”The number of people that have been killed since the section of the APC government is so much that you can’t place on the record.

Every day you wake up to hear the killings zamfara, Enugu, Taraba, Benue, Ogun State, across the country.

”There have been killings upon killings suicide and kidnapping in every state in the country”

”We must rise and unite ourselves because we are all Democrats”

”The entire world is watching. The population of 200 million of Nigerian  people are also watching”

”The election was conducted February and March. You were all aware of the result that result is subject today in the law of court”

”We were not allowed to talk about it but the country is watching is. The entire world has witnessed what has happened so far”

”The will of God must be done. If you like delay it. If you like intimidate the people. If u like whatever you want to do but one day. You can’t fool the people but you cant fooled them all the times. Nigerians have fooled by the APC government”

”Today you hear them that they are going to lift people from poverty. Do they have any economic blue print. What is the way forward. The economic has collapsed.  Nigeria is divided. We are being disgraced outside the country”

”I believed that By next year there will be congresses from the wards local government  to  the state for completely a new  structure of the party and this will go further to cement our party for those who have come back. You are free to contest for whatever position when the time comes next year”

”You are free to participate fully. You belong to the Party. There will be equity, justice for all our people. We want Ogun State to be number one-party chapter to show that example that we have started today”

”We can see here members of APC that have left the party to join out party. We can see here those who left to join Acord party that has come back to unite with our party”

”We need to come together. Because if we don’t come together now rebuilding the party may be difficult”

”Ogun state has set the stage for unification that we have started today and other states that will follow what we a have done today in the interest of our party that we must all come together after we have passed through the pains from last year up to the time to the election”

”We need to come together. Because if we don’t come together rebuilding the party may be difficult”

Meanwhile the former governorship candidate, Hon. Ladi Adebutu also called for unity  among the party members in Ogun State, apologizing to the party members for failure to have a smooth campaign and oneness family in the state.

According to him, every member should get united  for the purpose of the party and for the development of the country.

He said that he still has the ambition to contest for governorship race in 2023, saying that he wants more people to come out to compete with him.

”We need to win as people as party in Ogun State. I have done a lot of work. I have ambition but I begged anybody else so that we can have the best. Anyone desirous of any position or even becoming governorship candidate in Ogun State to please step forward and compete with me. Let more people come out and compete it is good for the party and when more people compete, we shall have constructive competition”

”I also want to welcome the members who have returned to the fold to have no fear the system will be free, transparent and equitable”

”There’s nothing reserved for anybody.  For the sake of our communities, let us build this party that can win and bring us good governance. Everybody knows if PDP had contested the last elections, we would have won.  Now we have learnt from that process and we are going to be more careful” he concluded

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