Fuji Music Crisis: Late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister Speaks From Above

……. says trouble makers will pay with their careers

Adewale Akanji Balogun, son of late Fuji maestro, Sikiru Ayinde Balogun has called on all Fuji musicians to put an end to the ongoing controversy.

The US-based Fuji artiste better known as Barry Showkey dropped this in a message, he claimed was revealed to him in a dream by his late father some days ago.

On the controversy brewing up as a result of the latest interview granted by King of Music, Saheed Osupa, to BBC News Yoruba where the Ibadan based singer said King of Fuji Music, Wasiu Ayinde lacks wisdom to lead.

Barry Showkey said, the Fuji Originator appeared to him in his dream and directed him to speak to all parties, “I am not the type that talks on issues that doesn’t concern me. I always mind my business. But, in this case, like a Yoruba adage that says “Ohun to ba Oju;,o ti ba Imu”.any issue with the eyes is a threat to the nose) An insult on any member of my family, is an insult on me personally and this is not acceptable. I would have reacted differently based on my emotions but, after the messages my Dad gave me in my dream, my perceptions changed on how to tackle the issue.

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Wale Akanji Balogun

My late Dad, Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister appeared to me and ordered me to send his message to all Fuji artistes, both at home and abroad. He said the latest crisis on his daughter (Modina) should be put to end. He said he does not want to hear anyone from anywhere talk about this topic again. He said I should tell everyone that, there is more work to do as regards rescuing the hibernating future of Fuji music than dwell on non-issues. He said I should warn any other persons planning to grant any interview to escalate the issue rather than uplifting the image of Fuji will encounter the wrath of God and pay with  their career. These are the words of my father and they now represent my views on the lingering crisis. I also want to use this opportunity to appeal to everyone to shelve their swords and embrace peace” He said.

Asked if Barrister is happy with the current role of Fuji in the Music industry in Nigeria, Barry Showkey said, “He is not happy at all. He complained bitterly about the lack of young Fuji artistes. He said, Fuji stars are produced in their early 20s. he is not happy that, we have no stars even in their 30s. he wants everybody to work together and solve the problem. Also, he gave me a personal assignment which he said I must do. He showed me how to go about it and insisted that, I must share the knowledge with all Fuji artistes especially the young ones who are making efforts to grow. He said with the new approach, Fuji music will again take absolute control of the Music scenes from Hiphop music whose musical ingredients is actually Fuji”.

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Saheed Osupa in the controversial interview was in a highly emotional mood as he argued Wasiu lied by his claimed relationship with Barrister.  According to him, there is no relationship with Ibadan and Ijebu.

The entire brouhaha started some weeks back when another singing daughter of Barrister, Asabi Modinat BarryTide, was quoted as calling Wasiiu Ayinde her father’s dry cleaner. The report must have infuriated K1 who sent in strong words during another BBC Yoruba interview.

Meanwhile, with this message of Barrister sent through his own son, it remains to be seen how Fuji stars will respect the late singer in death.