Gadaff Inducted into ECOWAS HALL OF FAME 2021

Sulaimon Lekan Gadaf


The youth mobilizer and good governance advocate Hon. Sulaimon Lekan Gadaff has been inducted into ECOWAS HALL of FAME 2021.

The induction which was done briefly after the presentation of certificate of affirmation of west Africa youths ambassador by the ECOWAS youths parliament.

The delegates of the ECOWAS youths parliament represented by their Clark Hon. Oladimeji Abdulfatai assisted with Amb. Lusegun Temmy O. who double as the Admin. Secretary (Ivory Cost.).

Sulaimon Lekan Gadaf

From his part, the country’s ambassador of the ECOWAS youths parliament Amb. Oladimeji Abdulfatai said, Gadaff personality, human capital development and humanitarian services had recorded limestone growths. “As business man cum young politician, the ECOWAS youths parliament had studied your movement and passion for the development of youths in the state and across the country.

It’s therefore imperative to encourage you to do more and appreciated you for all done so far, on behalf of the ECOWAS youths parliament and the generality of young people in the region we therefore confer you a certificate of affirmation of West Africa Youth Honour, subsequently inducted you into ECOWAS HALL OF FAME 2021. He added.

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While appreciating the delegates, Gadaff thanked them for the great honor and promise to continue do the best for the people. “I must commend you for your interests to serve the people at the apex regional youth parliament, you’re indeed youth ambassadors” Gadaff added.

*Hon. Sulaimon Lekan Gadaff Media Team*