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Gani Adams:  A Peace Loving Leader With Refined And Reformed Cultural, Activist Per Excellence – Abdulahai Sanni.

Otunba Gani Adams

Abdulahi Sanni wrote 

I love this Man, “GANI ADAMS” Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) Leader.

 I see him as a peace loving someone. He’s now a refined and reformed cultural activist per excellence. 

He has repackaged OPC and moved this organisation, OPC, to a very serious cultural revolution group with a lot of activities mostly on a daily basis.

I have been monitoring this man for over a decade ago, OPC under his leadership has become what people can be reckoned with, although i disagree with his political stand during the last general elections but he had come out to cleared air on it. 

He gave a lot of reasons for supporting Goodluck Jonathan base on GEJ’s promised to implement the outcome of 2014 National Confab. The reasons which i think are very reasonable, expecially the reason why Nigeria should be restructured,  as the only solution to the lingering crises where are witnessing in Nigeria.

He’s now moving from one country to another making sure the Yorubas in Diaspora are all united through the formation of Oodua Progressive Union(OPU), an organisation he claims is now in over seventy countries. Let’s give it to this Man. He deserves to be honoured, he deserves to be commended by the the Yorubas. Everyday by day, you will see his members selling all his activities to the entire World. OPC members will do theirs in thier own way, same as OPU members but despite all his efforts, some Yorubas does not love him just because of their selfish agenda.

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He’s very close to the christian and muslim families, despite his cultural struggle and belief.

If our brothers in the North can emulate this kind of gestures, the sky would have been the limit. These incessant in killings the name of Boko Haram would have become things of the past.

When our brothers are busy killing and maiming our people here in the North, Gani Adams is propagating Yoruba cultural heritage values, engaging his members in cultural activities, as well as uniting those in the overseas. Using what he has to get what he needs

I look forward to meet him one day. 

Adams should continue the good work for the Yoruba race.

Let’s give it to him.

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