Godfatherism And Rehash Lies Against Banire : Time To Tame Tinubu’s Attack Dogs On The Prowl, By Dabira Olorunfemi

The Lagos political atmosphere has recovered from the Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s  bombshell on how to end the scourge of godfatherism in the state. The brave Northern governor has called bluff the Tinubu irritants ranting from Lagos and declared that he was not sorry for opinion.

The Tinubu cyber terrorists and compromised hacked writers in desecrated newsrooms had been on overdrive to protect their pot of soup and impress the emperor who has been magnanimous by ensuring they get their lots from the Lagos spoils.

Having failed to intimidate El-Rufai who proffered the prognosis to godfatherism without mentioning no name, the hawks have reconvened to ‘devour’ a participant (Muiz Banire, SAN) who only asked question from the guest lecturer.

 The attacks and rehashed lies, propaganda against Banire have been coming in torrents. I don’t know why the misguided attack dogs will drag Banire into the matter as if he was the source of their dilemma over 2023 dead on arrival presidential ambition.

Amongst many ignoramuses that vent their frustrations, I will take on one Sunday Adejuyigbe and later respond to the bile of a fraudulent character, Wole Arisekola.  Adejuyigbe went on a falsehood voyage by distorting history just to malign Banire. His off tangent postulations and claims expose him as a highly exceptionally ignorant and daft fellow.

Adejuyigbe claimed in his trite that Banire’s late father was a politician in Mushin. That is not true. Pa Banire was never a politician in his lifetime. Again, the writer regurgitated the entrenched lies that Bola Tinubu, a former Lagos State Governor brought Banire into politics. That is blatant lie.

As a matter of fact, Banire started partisan politics before Tinubu. When Banire served as the Legal Adviser of Mushin and Ojo Local Government Areas simultaneously in 1990 under the then Social Democratic Party, SDP, Tinubu was an employee of Mobil.


The records are there for anyone to contest. Tinubu started politics in 1992 when he vied for Lagos West Senatorial election which Banire played a pivotal. The young lawyer was one the people that assisted his (Tinubu’s) candidature to become senator.

Again, contrary to the allegations of Adejuyigbe,  Banire never nursed any governorship ambition. Tinubu is alive, he should come public and state when and where Banire ever discussed succeeding him as governor in 2007. These are falsehoods from the propaganda mill of the mischief makers.

For the records, Banire has never derailed himself from his career path as a lawyer which he has distinguished himself. He is a highly principled fellow who could not survive the demands of a kleptomaniac godfather whose tendencies to steal at will knows no bounds. He never attempted to dine with the devil in first place no to talk of dinning with long spoon.

Banire has reiterated for the umpteenth time that he is not and never aspired to be a full time politician without an alternate address. His hands fend for his necessities as a successful Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

The insinuation by many ignorant people like Adejuyigbe that Tinubu brought Banire into prominence and fortune is pedestrian and highly disturbing.

 By any standard, a senior law lecturer at a prestigious Federal University like Unilag cannot be regarded as a nonentity. He was not jobless or hanging around. Banire was head hunted for the job because of his competence and capacity to deliver.

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Banire had resolved to quit government in 2007 until former governor Babatunde Fashola insisted that he worked with him. For many who know him, Banire does not need government money to survive like the ‘Bullion vans’ godfather who has no other industry except Lagos State treasury.

In his drift, Adejuyigbe’s allusion to ‘ juicy’ ministry Banire was purportedly offered suggests looting which is the culture of their godfather and their ilks.  They never see public trust as an opportunity to serve humanity and have their names written in gold.

To them, it is a shortest route to amass ill-gotten wealth which they have used to compromised every institution.

Adejuyigbe also peddles lies on how Banire became National Legal Adviser of the ruling party. There was no time Tinubu prevailed on Akeredolu to step down for Banire.  Akeredolu who has never enlisted in the league of cowards even contested for the position and lost.  

In fact, Banire took up the National Legal Adviser assignment at the behest of former Governor Fashola and Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State. No honey pot at the National Legal Adviser office in Abuja in most of the time, Banire ran the office with his personal funds.

The smear campaign of calumny, intimidation and cyber harassment cannot stop the idea whose time has come.

The signs are ominous. Godfatherism is a disservice to the society. The sovereignty resides in the people and Lagos shall be free.

Dabira Olorunfemi, a Public Affairs Analyst Writes From Lagos

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