Group condemns attack on Buhari’s CoS, Abba Kyari, others

A Pro-democracy and Economic Watch Group, Guardians of Democracy and Development has condemned the recent attack on President Muhammadu Buhari by maligning his Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari.

This according to the group is coming on the heels of a recent protest against Kyari by some APC Stakeholders.

The group alleged that the attackers who come under the umbrella of APC Stakeholders are of no good intentions and as such the attack on Kyari was a sponsored attempt at casting aspersions on the president.

In a Press Conference today in Abuja, Convener of the group, Comrade Solomon Adodo said the APC stakeholders were hiding behind a finger and claiming to be working at sanitizing the system through unbridled protests against Mr. Kyari, Mamman Daura and Ismaila Funtua.

Comrade Adodo emphasized that the trio of Kyari, Daura and Funtua have been long standing associates of Buhari who have proved their mettle of trustworthiness even through the most adverse of challenges the president has gone through in the past.

Adodo said: “It is therefore evident that the protest was not only targeted at the trio of Abba Kyari, Mamman Daura and Ismaila Isa Funtua but a grand attempt to rubbish the arduous and sincere efforts of the President at moving Nigeria to the Next Level.

“It is imperative to appreciate the fact that Nigeria under the diligent and self-sacrificing watch of President Buhari drew up failsafe economic policies with matching actions that saw to the rapid recovery of Nigeria from the worst ever economic recession which was very hard biting on all Nigerians.

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“We cannot forget in a hurry that this was the challenge that greeted this government on assumption of office and yet was expeditiously dealt with. Nigeria was faced with several other obvious challenges which were bent on crippling the nation to grinding knees, principal amongst which was the ravaging threat of Boko Haram which threatened to sack the government and made a constant mess of our sovereignty as a nation. These and other challenges are being constantly addressed and fought back with records if appreciable success. Thanks to the unwavering devotion of Mr. President and his adroit team who have placed national interest above self serving purposes.

“Evidently these successes have the imprimatur of these long standing Co-labourers to wit Mr. Kyari, Daura and Funtua whose loyalty to President Buhari and commitment to national development have been tried and tested for decades in the furnace of adversity in service to fatherland,” he added.

Comrade Adodo further maintained that a careful study of the person of Buhari will show any discerning mind that he is not one to be subjected to the unwieldy control of any external forces, adding that a true democrat, the president believes in consultations with patriots of like mind in a bid to foster national development.

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He noted that it is a slight on the intellect of the president to adduce that he is being controlled by an imaginary cabal, adding that the Buhari’s recent decisive actions at fostering fiscal transparency at the Local Government level thereby bringing development through financial autonomy for local governments would not have been possible if the president did not have a strong willed and focused as the critics would have the public believe.

While noting that evidence have shown that the sponsors of the mudslinging protesters desperately worked against the reelection of Buhari when they realise his government gave no room for sacred cows to pilfer the nation, Adodo said they then resorted to publicly fighting the president’s most trusted allies particularly Mr. Kyari.

Adodo said Kyari and his compatriots have paid the tireless sacrifice for good governance, thus they deserve the commendation of all good Nigerians rather than the cheap blackmail being marshalled against them and pledged the group’s support for them.

He finally urged the trio not be discouraged by the smear campaign against them as service is about sacrifice and called on any other group with similar motive to desist from it would disrupt good governance.