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Groups Berates Dapo Abiodun For Lockdown Extension In Ogun State

…Says The State Government Should Be Sensitive To Citizens’ Means Of Livelihood.

Some groups has berated Prince Dapo Abiodun, the Governor of Ogun State on the newly imposed lockdown for another one week, says is uncalled for, Thecitypulsenews reports.

The Governor should know policies and decisions have to be balanced . The fact that he governs Ogun State does not mean he should be taken unilateral decision without considering plights of the people a d the economic implication of his decision.
How many people can his government feed? Which palliative is the government providing for the people?

He talks about window of relaxation. Of what benefit is the window of relaxation when people have no economic power to purchase food items? Is he aware prices of food items stable food ,are now priced beyond the reach of common man?
Or to stock food he refers to means the government will pay for everything purchased by the people?

Is he aware that majority of Ogun State people and residents can not access health facilities for ailments other than Corona virus due to the lockdown?
What is the percentage of Ogun State people that have their own means of transportation to get to Government hospitals.

The government should rescind this decision to extend the lockdown by another one week. He must be aware “economy of the people”can not be locked down for ever.
Non compliance of preventive measures by some people is not a tenable excuse. There will always be recalcitrant to lawful orders,and ,that is the essence of laws and punishment for failure to comply.

The Governor should know people can not be caged indefinitely without access to their means of survival.

The Governor should borrow a leaf from governors of other states that are easing the lockdown in the interest of the people and the economy.

Total lockdown without intensifying efforts to get cure for the dreaded Corona pandemic may be counter productive in the long run.

Ogun state is blessed with people that know the efficacy of roots and herbs in the treatment of diseases and also not lacking in professional orthodox medical practitioners that if given neccessary support will find the remedy to Covid 19. That is where the governor should direct his energy and resources of the state and not incessant lock down, that can’t be the panacea to Covid 19.

The Governor should take into cognisance that this period is a new chapter in the lives of the people and the country at large.

Therefore,  People have to be cajoled,appealed to while using minimum force through the police to enforce directives on Covid 19 prevention.
The incessant lockdown is now becoming a means of extortion by unscrupulous police officers and other security outfits that use the opportunities of the lockdown to corruptly enrich themselves.

In many occasions, they allow commercial operatives to operate once they are able to buy their ways through. This shows that the government can’t even enforce sincere compliance.

The Governor should rescind his decision to impose another week lockdown.


Toyin Raheem for Campaign for Constitutionalism and and Human Rights CCHR.

Bamidele Oyewole for Committee for Workers Rights.

Chief Liadi Edun for Centre for People ‘s Defence.

K. Oyinlola for Tenant Rights Project TRP

Jimoh Raji for National Coalition for Good Governance NACOG

Akintunde Rukayat for Women for Greatness of Nigeria WGG

Toyin Alabi for
Campaign for Democracy and Justice. CDJ


Groups Berates Dapo Abiodun For Lockdown Extension In Ogun State

Prince Dapo Abiodun, Ogun State Governor

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