HELP : Allison Maduekwe ” Immediate Past Minister Of Petroleum ” Is Dying Of Cancer.

Nigeria’s Former Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Allison Maduekwe is but a shadow of herself now as she depreciates gradually.

Allison Maduekwe (Before)

Dele Momodu the publisher of Ovation Magazine alerted the nation her issue, nobody could have imagined the physical devastation, even as graphic as the seasoned journalist described it.

This picture shows us how transient it all is.


Deziani is suffering from Cancer and it was discovered after she left office. It should be noted that anybody can have as it grows with the body immune system.

We , plead to the world and medical doctors to find a solution to that killer disease callled cancer.

We pray and ask Nigerians to also pray along with Deziani to overcome this sickness. 


If we can recollect,  the same cancer killed Dora Akinyuli. 

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