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Hon. Toyin Raheem Reacts To “LAGOS BUDGET: Tinubu Cripple Ambode’s Government Last Hours”

…Says The battle for liberation has just begun

Honourable Toyin Raheem, a member of Social Democratic Party SDP in Lagos has reacted to publication by PM News.

The publication is headlined as “LAGOS BUDGET: Tinubu Cripple Ambode’s Government Last Hours” read the content as follow:

“Bola Ahmed Tinubu the National Leader of Nigeria’s governing party is behind the delay and non transmission of Lagos State 2019 budget for assent by the state Governor Mr Akinwunmi Ambode: after the House of Assembly passed the state fiscal document.

Tinubu had berated Lagos State House of Assembly Speaker Rt Hon. Mudashiru Idowu Obasa for passing the budget. He lampooned the Speaker for failing to steel his nerve and wait out his instruction that on no account should the budget be passed.

Effort by Obasa to explain that media onslaughts, citizens enquiries and residents agitations forced the hands of the assembly to do the needful was rebuffed by Tinubu who shouted him down; and told him he may not be the right man to continue as Lagos Speaker if his nerves can fail him because of mere agitations by the constituents.

Tinubu deliberately absented himself and ordered his political down lines and minions not to attend the commissioning of some of the legacy projects of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

It is common knowledge that Tinubu holds firmly the leech of the whole gamut of Lagos political structure and personnel.

Residents and political watchers wondered what more could Tinubu and his minions want from a man on his way out that he cannot readily gets from his numerous under lines and incoming state helmsman.

The House, had on April 29 passed the budget and added N21 billion to the original budget of N852.317 billion presented by the governor.

The budget has been one filled with political undertone as Ambode could not present the budget in December and had to present it in February. This development almost led to his impeachment.

The total budget size passed by the Assembly is N873.532 billion.

Five months into the year, pains and anguish are being experienced by Lagosians because of the non-implementation of the budget, as the Assembly is still holding on to the bill. Project sites have been abandoned, public and civil servants in the state are now anxious and unsure if their salaries will come this May.

“There is disquiet in government as activities have been grounded because there is no money to execute projects due to the fact that the Assembly appears to be holding the state in the jugular by not transmitting the bill to the executive to be signed into law.

“The bill has not left the House of Assembly to the governor for signing as government officials are eagerly awaiting when the bill would be signed by the governor, especially when they are expecting their new minimum wage to be paid by the end of this month.

“Top government source said the governor would not sign a bill he had not seen and that the Assembly had not yet returned the instrument for signing by the governor, as they were playing politics with the issue.

“The permutation around is that the lawmakers did not want the governor to attest to the bill, thus, exploring delay tactics till May 29 when Ambode would hand over to a new administration.”

The undeniable fact is that the lawmakers are acting on a superior order of Tinubu to frustrate the governor and ensure that he would not benefit from the budget.

Smarting from the backlash from Tinubu the State House of Assembly have refused to speak, as everyone is keeping mute over the matter in Lagos political circuit.

One of the complaints against Ambode by Lagos APC party hawks is that the Governor is too service and performance centric and not party centric.”

Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode

His Reaction

Can these legislators be allowed to continue to hold Lagos and Lagosians to ransom? Does Lagos belong to Tinubu ?Are Lagos lawmakeràs in office to satisfy the hedonistic tendencies of Tinubu ?
It’s unfortunate that majority of electorate are yet to align with the fact that it’s time to put Tinubu’s political gear in permanent reverse and do away with the bunch of errand boys that are presently occupying the Lagos State House of Assembly. No wonder, it’s said, ” perpetuation of oppression is inevitable in a society where the oppressed have chosen to be indifferent to the excesses of power cliques” – Mark Adebayo.

Majority of the legislooters ought to have been recalled by their constituents long time ago.Lagos State House of Assembly has become a house of legislative rascality with the incumbent law breakers.
The battle for liberation has just begun. Lagos State must be reclaimed from vampires and despotic reign of a dictator.
We must stand and fight for what is right. As for me, no retreat,no surrender.Nothing can permanently imprison a determined soul.
It’s time for all Lagosians to come together to rescue Lagos State from the dictatorial tendencies of Mr Bola Tinubu. It’s enough of this gulag of mess.

Hon. Toyin Raheem

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