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Honourables Daughter That Intentionally Stabbed Husband To Death Smuggled Out Of Court.

Honourables daughter, Mrs Yewande Oyediran, who was accused of killing her husband, late Oyelowo Oyediran and that of the deceased, yesterday, clashed within the premises of Ibadan Magistrate Court after the arraignment of the accused in Iyaganku Magistrate Court.


Late Oyelowo

Mrs Oyediran who allegedly stabbed her husband to death after a domestic fight on February 2, 2016.

This came as warders smuggled the accused out of the court premises in a blue Primera car other than the prison van they used to bring her and other accused persons to court. After waiting fruitlessly for journalists to leave the court premises so she could board the prison van, the warders had to push other accused persons into the waiting van and sped off.

However, it was revealed that another exit was prepared for Mrs Oyediran, who was taken out of the court in a private car.


Yewande and Lowo

This, they did to act according to the dictates of the family of the accused who insisted that her photograph must not be taken. On arrival at the court, a woman dressed in black and purple blouse was the first to charge at the journalists, then followed by other relations of the accused. The drama got to climax as a man, who is sympathetic to the accused person passed an uncomplimentary remark at a bereaved woman, who was crying all along.

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This infuriated the family members of the deceased who were trying to conceal their bottled anger. The atmosphere soon became chaotic as other sympathisers were making frantic efforts to prevent a serious confrontation.

Even though, the gun totting warders had driven journalists away to a far distance, one of them with a name tag, Aborode armed with gun still came and harassed photo-journalists who were trying to capture the moment the accused person would board the prison van. While in court, her counsel, Abimbola Oluwaseun, who led a retinue of lawyers to the court, said in his oral application, that his client should not be remanded in prison custody having gone through so much trauma. But his plea did not make any impact on the Chief Magistrate, K.Y Durosaro-Tijani who said, “it is beyond me. I have no jurisdiction to do so.” The magistrate then ordered her to be remanded in Agodi Prisons, Ibadan. Speaking after the court session, a relation of the deceased, Mr. Mudasiru Oyewumi said “all we are asking for is justice.” When asked if he knew of any serious issue between the couple, he said there was nothing except the normal husband-wife relationship. “Unfortunately, by now she would have regrets.


No reasonable woman can lift a knife against her husband”. A lawyer, Mr. Sina Olaniyan said it was quite unfortunate that we have found ourselves in this ugly situation. What could have prompted her, I can’t say. It is going to be a test for the judiciary because people are watching”. Another lawyer, Mr Adeleke Bakare described the accused woman as a gentle, amiable person. “She is somebody who fights against crime as a state counsel. At times, she takes prosecution personal to show how committed she is to her profession. I’m surprised at what has happened to her now. Somebody who fights against crime is now involved in a crime that has highest punishment.”

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