Hunger Is Not An Option In Africa

By Leah Gitonga

With 1.4 billion people, Africa has less than 20% of word’s billion people. Africa has 60% world’s arable land but it’s people suffer from chronic Hunger and mulnutration.

Africa imports over $40billion worth of food annually. Kenya only hit $2billion for first time 6months of this year. One of nominated food security ambassador Mr. Alex Gathii who is among the one appointed Ambassador for food security in Africa and the founder and director of Tanolope consultancy limited based in Kenya that deals in milk production in Africa says that about 250million people in Africa are hungry, possibly very hungry and this may lead to many conflicts.

A hungry person has low self esteem, low dignity and has little regard to rule of law and life he added.

Africa has the largest mineral deposit in the world countries like Nigeria, Congo, South Africa among others, but failing to work on our arable land productivity and profitability or we get value for our minerals and because a net importer of food in the world.Hunger is an option says Alex a food scientist at university of Nairobi.

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Lets retain our human dignity and self esteem and pride, political class, the ruling elite and private sector in Africa as a security issue and moral obligation.

No one in Africa should go hungry while we loose 40% of what we produce to the post -harvest losses while one part of an African country has abundance other parts are suffering deficiencies and extreme hunger.

Why can’t African government and respective private sector player put up pro-poor programs for distribution of the 40% post -havest losses, cereals, fruits, vegetables and milk? No one in Africa should go hungry in the 21st century Alex said.

Let’s realize the African dream coined by our founding fathers of Pan-Africanism, it is possible, let’s be our brothers keeper and as Nelson Mandela said it’s that it always seems impossible until is done,  YES WE CAN.

! Leah Gitonga Writes from UAE