I Dont Have Interest In Kwara Governorship – Lai Mohammed

R-L Minister Of Information and Culture Alhaji Lai Muhammed and acting Chairman of Kwara APC Executives Hon.Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa at the political Summit in Ilorin.

The Minister Of Information and Culture Alhaji Lai Muhammed has confirmed that he is not vying for any elective position come 2019 general elections against rumours circulating around the town that he is eyeing governorship ticket under All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State.

The Minister said this at the political summit held at Arca Santa Arena Ilorin yesterday in continuation of APC stakeholders Consultations and permutations ahead of forthcoming general elections.

According to the Minister “What an auspicious time for all of us! Never before have we had a great opportunity like we have now to take our state back from the rapacious few, who have held the state by the jugular and prevented it from meeting the hopes and aspirations of its people. From my consultations with key stakeholders so far, I can say, categorically, that Kwarans have all resolved to take their destiny into their own hands and take back what rightly belongs to them”

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“All that is required is for us all to subordinate our individual ambitions to the collective efforts work to wrest our state from the hegemony of one man and his cohorts. On my own part, I can say here, without equivocating, that I won’t be running for any office during the forthcoming elections. It is about working with all like minds for the greater benefit of our people”

“As expected the battle ahead will be tough and it has began by blackmailing me as enemy of Ilorin people but the good people of ilorin knows who is their real enemy and real friend. Perhaps many of you have forgotten that in 2011, I supported, on my platform, an indigene of Ilorin to run for the governorship of this state. Even when my kinsmen were not happy with my decision, i was undeterred but for the blackmailers, it is convenient to forget that now”

“I was also instrumental to the appointment of an Ilorin man as the Director-General of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) In a
related development, when Prof. Raheem Oba, an Ilorin man, sought a second term at the Federal Character Commission, we know those who worked against him. They will do this and many more acts of blackmail to divide us, to driver a wedge between us. Don’t let us succumb to their antics”

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“Never again will our people be turned to panhandlers, never again will our people be made to eat crumbs from the master’s table. We must become the masters of our own destiny.

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