ICIJ statement on Ericsson investigation

ICIJ statement on Ericsson investigation

Ericsson Investigation  – The telecommunications company released a statement in response to media inquiries on the 15th of February , 2022.

Ericsson’s headquarters in Kista, Sweden
Ericsson on Tuesday released a public statement in response to questions from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and partners, including SVT in Sweden.

The statement by the Swedish company addressed wrongdoing uncovered by ICIJ and its partners as part of a global investigation.

The company said it was working with internal employees and external counsel to review misconduct raised to it by ICIJ.

In a press release made available to Thecitypulsenews by ICIJ, it reads ‘Despite the statement from Ericsson, the company has not addressed specific questions put to it by our journalists in relation to a wide range of corrupt behavior in connection to its business in Iraq and elsewhere’.

ICIJ and its partners will publish findings soon.

ICIJ statement on Ericsson investigation

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