Ife High Chiefs, Hon. Rotimi Makinde, Aworinde ” Agba Akin “, Adedoyin Fights Dirty Over N50m And Landed Property. Must Read.

Three Ife indigenes who are high chiefs in the land are currently at loggerheads over N50 million and landed property in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

Hon. Rotimi Makinde


The City Pulse Online News Can exclusively tell you that the crisis is connected with a loan of #50m Hon. Rotimi Makinde granted to Chief Aworinde, a business man for the renovation of one his properties in Ife and promise to pay back. Consequently, things fell apart between the duo as a result of jealous and hatred.

According to one of their friend who decided to remain anonymous said, Chief Aworinde dumped the APC party and joined PDP when the re-election of Hon. Makinde. Into the Lower Chamber of National Assembly failed, hence, Chief Aworinde has been telling people that Hon. Makinde’s failure was not far fetch from the withdrawal of his support from him but Hon. Makinde insisted that he lost election as a result of previous vendetta between the Late Ooni, Oba Okunade Sijuwade and PMB.

Meanwhile, the issue of loan given to Chief Aworinde popularly known as Agbaakin resurfaced when Hon. Makinde got the hint that the said property Agbaakin demanded for a loan of #50millioin from him to develop has been sold to Chief Ramon Adedoyin, the owner of Oduduwa University to the tune of #120million.

The City Pulse Online News also gathered that when Hon. Makinde approached Agbaakin for the refund of the #50million loan granted, he remains adamant and has been running from pillar to post to avoid the payment.

A reliable source told us that new Ooni of Ife, Oba Ogunwusi had invited Agbaakin to a meeting for the matter to be resolved, but all end in futility. Thus, Hon. Makinde has insisted that nothing would be done on the said property until his #50million Naira is recovere

Chief Ramon Adedoyin


Another a reliable source reveals that Chief Aworinde has approached the magistrate court in Ife in a suit no : Mos/misc67/2016 on enrolment of order between Chief Kayode Aworinde and Hon. Makinde dated 27th May 2016. The applicant who claims that the respondent happens to be a former acquaintance and by virtue of that a loan of #60m was given to him to fund his political and other personal expenses between the year 2010 and 2011. That the respondent made part payment of #40million in June 2011 and 20million unpaid. According to the information gathered, the good relationship that had been existed between the respondent and Chief Aworinde has been deteriorated to the extent that they have not been communicating with each other since 2012

Chief Aworinde " Agba Akin "

In a letter dated May 24. 2016 to the CP of Osun State through a counsel to Kayode Aworinde, Sokan Elusogbon &co title Harassment, blackmail and threat to life, personal safety of Chief Kayode Aworinde and members of his family was written against Hon. Makinde, but we gathered that when CP called Aworinde on the phone to defend the petition, he never surfaced. We are reliably informed that Hon. Makinde has vowed to recover his #50million and denied ever gotten #60million from Aworinde

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In order to balance the information we went extra mile to contact their friends and a close pal to the duo, Mr. Larry Gentre, he said Agbaakin is not a human being, we also contacted Mr. Abiodun Ogunmola popularly known as Abamog, in his words he said, Chief Aworinde is an ingrate.

The City Pulse Online News for the past  one week now has been looking for how to get in touch with Chief Aworinde but all  effort to reach him prove abortive as all his aides are not responding to us which is one of the reason we have to delay this news till today.

However, in our discussion with Hon. Rotimi Makinde he said ” I met Chief Kayode Aworinde far back in 2011 through Mr. Abiodun Ogunmola a car dealer around Agidingbi ikeja as a brother.

Hon. Makinde said after their encounter, we became friends because I love people from my home town” I have been contesting to represent my constituency as a member of Federal House of Representative since 2007 five years before I met him. I worked with NNPC as an accountant for years and I owned an hotel popularly known as Capriconia in Akute, area of Ogun state. Also, owned a car outlet in Omole.

Although, there was a particular point in time when I needed money for the completion of my hotel situated around Ikorodu, I had to seek for financial assistant from bank that same period,, Chief Aworinde also seek for loan from me for the renovation of his heritage house in Ife, due to our relationship, I granted the loan though he did not know the money was from bank.

However,, we once lived in the same house due to the respect and love I had for him. The conflict sprung up when I demanded for the payment of the loan.

Hon. Rotimi Makinde also made it clear that Chief Kayode Aworinde left APC because of his political ambition. ” I was surprised when he started telling the whole world that I lost the election as a result of the withdrawal of his support and that he borrowed me #60million during my electioneering campaign in 2011″ he explained. He also proceeded to explain the kind of person Chief Aworinde is. ” He is not a straight forward person, I discovered that all the information he provided about himself during our closeness were incorrect” he stated. According to Hon. Makinde, things became bad for Chief Aworinde financially, and he was ejected from the house he claimed to be the owner in Magodo when he could no longer afford the rent and moved to Oshogbo. “He lied he has four children which is a pure lie and I had to distance myself from him” he clarified.

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Makinde stated that he was surprised when he heard that the property he (Aworinde) borrowed money to renovate was sold. to Chief Ramon Adedoyin, the owner of Oduduwa University, I pressed further for the payment of the loan but all the effort was abortive and the information that he borrowed me #60million during my electioneering campaign in 2011 went viral in the whole community. “let him show the world his proof of given me such an amount and I am ready with my proof of the #50million loan given to him.

I have records of phone calls and conversation” he said emphatically. When he was asked if efforts were made to hear from Chief Aworinde directly, he said he had challenged him on the rumour of #60million he claimed to have given me on different occasion, I have records of phone calls and the conversation.

Consequently, an audio conversation between Hon. Makinde and Chief Aworinde which is at our didposal where Chief Aworinde told Hon. Rotimi that he never gave him any money. He said people are trying to cause confusion between them. In the same vein, Hon. Makinde has vowed to approach court and sue Chief Aworinde.

When he was asked if any effort has been made for settlement of the rancour, he said, in order to settle it amicably, efforts were made by different important personality in our community such as the new Ooni of Ife, Chief Ramon Adedoyin, the purchaser of the said property in question and other important personalities in Ife and Osun State as whole both home and diaspora but no one was able to because he (Kayode Aworinde) refused to feed them with true information. He further stated that he had been willing to challenge him anywhere like police station, court of law and tell the whole world what transpired between them so that he will stop calling white a black for people. According to Hon. Makinde, human being are not predictable. ” he has taught me a great lesson and I have realised how cruel and parochial human-being can be when it comes to money and power. It is a great lesson” he concluded. The battle rages on.

For us at The City Pulse Online News, we are waiting for when chief Aworinde popularly called Agba Akin will be ready to give us audience so we can tell our readers his own version of the story.