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Injustice In ECOWAS Court Of Justice

A Nigerian, Mr. Stephen Temitope Obasaju, has accused the Director of Administration and Finance (DAF), Community Court of Justice, ECOWAS, Nigeria, Dr. Williams Towah of non-compliance with the ECOWAS’ staff regulations on his status as the staff of the court.

Obasaju, an executive assistant to Justice Dupe Atoki, a Nigerian representative at the court, had in July, petitioned the President of the court, Hon. Justice Edward Amoaka Asante, over his unlawful dismissal from the court.

The embattled staff, who was employed by the court on August 27, 2018 as the Executive Assistant, was sacked on July 15, 2019 following a request by Justice Atoki.

In a letter of termination of appointment dated July 15, 2019 and signed by the president of the court, Hon. Justice Asante, the court, he said his dismissal was upon a request by Justice Atoki, who he was an executive assistant to, over reasons relating to irreconcilable differences.

However, in a letter dated July 17, 2019 and addressed to the president of the ECOWAS Commission, Obasaju described his dismissal as unlawful because it did not follow the ECOWAS staff regulations on staff disciplinary procedures.

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But in a letter
dated August 30, 2019 and addressed to the president of the court, Obasaju said since he had appealed his dismissal before the ECOWAS Council of Ministers, he is covered by the Article 73 of the ECOWAS staff regulations to enjoy the full benefits as a staff pending the determination of his appeal.

He alleged that the court’s director of administration and finance had refused to comply with the provision of the said article in his case despite the instruction from the president of the court.

Speaking with journalist in Abuja , Obasaju also alleged that he had been barred from entering the premises of the court in Abuja, the development, which he described as the heights of injustice and victimization.

When contacted, the court’s Director of Administration and Finance, Dr Williams Towah, declined comment, rather, he directed our reporter to speak with either the president of the court, the court Registrar or its spokesperson, who were not available as at the time of filing this report.

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