Interview: Shall we correct Gov. Abdulrazaq’s falsehood ?

Kwara Matters: Governor AbdulRazaq Finally Speaks Development, Decay In State Politics

Gov. AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman


By Abdulrasheed Akogun

“The interesting thing about this administration is that in our House of Assembly, only one person has been in politics before. In the cabinet, only one person. So, it’s like a new awakening. We have a lot of lapses because we’ve not been in government” – Gov. Abdulrazaq

The assertion that only one appointee and Assembly were already playing politics before, it’s nothing but absolute ignorance.


1) Danbaba from Kaima was an active player in the Saraki fold, he was even appointed S.A he resigned 2 months to the primaries to pick APC ticket.

2) Olawoyin has been in politics for more than 2 decades.

3) Razaq Owolabi had earlier served as PA to a councillor from Ilorin East, before he went back home to be made 2 times councillor under the Saraki dynasty.

4) Barr. AGF has been a practicing politician for decades

5) Gani Gabriel was PA to Sen. Ajibola under the Saraki dynasty for 12 years.

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6) John Bello had been in politics for almost a decade

7) Yakubu Danladi was the coordinator of Engr. Bulldozer

8) Awolola was a long time follower of chief Akogun

9) Awodiji is a politician with almost 2 decades experience, although he was playing his politics in Lagos.


1) Barr. Jawondo was SA to Senator Salmon more than 2 decades ago, he’s been a practicing politician even before then.

2) Gidado Alakawa was under the Saraki dynasty for years, before exiting, he was party LG secretary from where he rose to State secretary

3) Yinka Aluko was SA security for more than a decade

4) Kale Belgore was Bukola Saraki’s Campaign DG in 2003, he’s former Commissioner manning several one ministry

5) Kayode Oyin-Zubair has been a politician since AD days.

6) Femi Whyte was a National Official of defunct ANPP

7) Dudu from Baruten was a Local government Chairman under Saraki dynasty.

8) Dan Hawa was Sen. Ahmed Muhammad’s PA under the Saraki dynasty

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9) Kale Oloje was a board member under Gov. Abdulfatai Ahmed, he’s now KWARMA Chairman, he was also a former supervisory councillor under the Saraki dynasty.

These few points have proven the fact that the Governor either lied about the political status of his appointees or he’s uninformed of their antecedents.

_My name is Abdulrasheed Akogun, I’m a student of history_😁😁😁😁😁😁