Is Akeem Olatunji, Bukola Saraki’s Mole Trying To Destroy The APC In Offa LG?

Bukola Saraki

Maroof Ajeigbe


A leopard never changes its spot. This is true of one Akeem Olatunji, a mole planted in Offa APC by Bukola Saraki with the agenda to destroy the party and its leader, Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq under frivolous guise.

Akeem Olatunji is a sidekick of Bukola Saraki. He at a time acted as TIC chairman of Offa local government council during the 16 years of misrule under the Saraki dynasty. He has nothing to show as deliverables for that period.

Olatunji joined APC at the tail end of Governor AbdulFatai Ahmed’s administration when it dawned on Bukola Saraki his leader that they were in for a loss. So, he planted so many moles in the APC with the agenda of destroying the party. One of them is Akeem Olatunji.

He has confirmed this position with one divisive and illiterate post he has been sharing on major political platforms regarding Offa APC congress. In the said post, he called Governor AbdulRazaq so many names, assassinating his character to the point of threatening to vote out the Governor which is laughable anyway because this is somebody that has no political relevance.

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As far as Offa APC is concerned, all stakeholders have agreed that the governor has done the right thing by promoting inclusion against exclusion. Though some of them may not be able to say it in the open; they know the truth.

The Offa APC congresses was a win for democracy, inclusion and party interest. No true Offa indigene is taught to be desperate and selfish. Therefore, a situation whereby some stakeholders had their way in the ward congress and still want to corner the local government congress to the exclusion of other stakeholders is condemnable, ungodly and does not reflect the true ideal of Offa. Especially considering the fact that the same group also secured all the positions signed to Offa in the state exco.

The governor as a wise, progressive leader who has been in party politics for long sure knows that ‘take it all’, exclusion of certain stakeholders can kill the party. So, when stakeholders like the Senator, Lola Ashiru; FCC chairman, Fareedah Dankaka; House of Assembly member, Gbenga Yusuf JK; the APC state P.R.O, Tajudeen Aro and the TIC Chairman, Thomas Jare Olatundu among others had a field day in the ward congress and cornered all the positions to the exclusion of other stakeholders like the Commissioner for Water Resources, Femi Agbaje Whyte; GMD/CEO of Harmony Holdings, Abdullahi Abdulmajeed; Senior Special Assistant to the Governor, Kola Oyawoye; Special Assistant on GIS to the Governor, Tade Shittu; IVTECH Board chair, Debo Bukoye, Water corporation board member, Taiye Omotosho amongst others, the Governor acted well by using the local government congress to strike a balance and ensure fairness.

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This is why Akeem Olatunji is insulting the Governor. For standing by justice and fairness. His leader who planted him in the APC doesn’t have that sense of justice and fairness. He is reputed for impunity.

Again, why is Akeem Olatunji crying more than the bereaved. All the stakeholders in Offa have already accepted the outcome of the congress as representing the general interest of the party. Bukola Saraki’s agent bent on causing division in APC should go and rest because his cover is blown up already.

Offa APC remains grateful to Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq.

APC… AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq is our leader.