A Citizens Reaction to Federal Government Planned Agency for Repentant Boko Haram.

By Rev Bunmi Thomas

The parliament of federal government of Nigeria will be considering a bill in setting up an agency for the rehabilitation of Boko Haram.

This is the height of impunity in governance.
This is an insult to Nigerians and an aberration to democracy.

What an insult.
A very stupid and senseless proposition.
Why is Nigeria so crazy and lack respect for the values and dignity of human life.

I am highly offended and my spirit is possessed of intense hatred for my country, a nation headed by confused idiots who use the instrumentality of power to suppress contrary opinion, a nation where hopes of the faithfuls are crossed by sword and the dreams of the youths are aborted at birth.

What would you say of a nation whose young and promising soldiers are ambushed by insurgents enabled by betrayal of intelligence network.?
Is such a nation worth dying for?

What else can we say of a nation that cannot protect lives and properties of its citizens only for its parliament to hold a sitting to consider a bill setting up an agency for the rehabilitation of insurgents?

It appears to me that criminality is legitimate and it might be better to take up arms against government and surrender oneself as repented, thereafter you will be celebrated with state pardon and live like a prince under unauditable security and special votes.

What a pity, this wasn’t the Nigeria bloods on June 12 was shed for.
Or what do we say about a nation that has no agency for the aged and has no compensation for the bereaved families of slain Nigerian soldiers who died avoidable deaths in the claws of insurgents?
Is Nigeria worth dying for?

Are we really sure Gen. Mohammadu Buhari (Rtd) is aware of the evils perpetrated by the insurgents?
If yes, is Nigeria worth dying for?

Why are we so overshadowed by evil that misrule becomes so difficult to be checked?
Is Nigeria really worth dying for?

If at the end of the day, such a crazy bill pass through the house to become an instrument to establish such an agency, then loyalty of citizens of a nation like ours are mere foolishness and our laws are never licit to be obeyed.

Or a nation that uses soldiers to suppress protest and cannot suppress insurgency is such a nation worth dying for?

Rev. ‘Bunmi Thomas,
Regional Chairman,
Nigeria America Group for Democratic Support (NAGDS),
South Western Nigeria

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