It’s Turn Of Ilorin To Produce Nigeria’s President- Islamic Cleric

Renowned Islamic preacher, Sheik Usman Sannu Shehu has declared that it is the turn of Ilorin to produce Nigeria’s president.

He said the progenitors of Ilorin had prayed for this and it will come to pass.

Shehu declared that the Senate President, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki has been destined to be Nigeria’s president, urging all genuine sons and daughters of Ilorin to pray and work for the actualisation of Saraki’s Presidential ambition.

Shehu spoke at the close ceremony of the free summer lesson organised by Tajudeen Olesin Foundation at the Government Day Secondary School, Amule, Okelele, Ilorin.

Cautioning all those that had benefited from Saraki political dynasty to stop working against the interest of Dr Bukola Saraki, the cleric insisted that ” it’s only the Ilorin bastards that will not support Saraki’s presidential aspirations.

” Ilorin has been liberated and no Ilorin son or daughter should sell Ilorin into slavery again to Lagos politician in the name of playing politics.

” During our investigation, we discovered that those opposing Saraki, especially those from Ilorin are doing it for selfish reasons.

” What some of them complaint about is that Saraki did not give me a particular position or that he favoured someone above me in a contest for certain political offices.”

The cleric while appealing to all Ilorin people, irrespective of political affiliations to ensure the emergence of Saraki as the next president of Nigeria, Shehu declared ” Saraki’s presidency will translate to unprecedented development for Ilorin, in particular and Kwara in general. “

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