K1 @62: A Political Voice Driving Change To Next Level – Biodun Kupoluyi

When Charles De Gaulle wrote that ‘Politics is too serious a matter to be left in the hands of politicians’, he probably had the likes of Fuji music lord, K1 De Ultimate in mind. K1 De Ultimate has grown from the usual music artiste to a political voice propelling change to the next level in Nigeria, writes BIODUN KUPOLUYI.

In recent time, his music has decidedly moved away from the social party scenes to political gallery. Besides the late Fela Anikulapo- Kuti, his sons- Femi and Seun, and Falz, very few Nigerian artistes can be said to be topical in their music compositions and delivery as K1 De Ultimate. While the Kutis have the tradition to be anti estalishment, idealistic and yet, apolitical, K1 de Ultimate is a politician and his music touches relevant social and political issues. He uses his music to mobilise and call for action in favour of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). Not once or twice, he has said that he has no apology for pitching his tent with the party that got a resounding 15million votes to emerge the winner in the recently concluded Presidential and National Assembly polls. K1 with his rich cultural music, fused with afro jazz elements raises awareness, consciousness of the supporters of the party with his newly invented Fuji. The content of his music from his stage  performances carries poignant messages that are symbolic of change, the APC’s mantra. To a large extent, his presence and music rally more people to APC’s campaigns and to this effect, party stalwarts and decision makers have found in his music an effective ally. It is gratifying to note that when K1 De Ultimate releases a political campaign song, it comes as an elixir, inspiration to the prospective candidate and the party.  increases chances of victory of the party at the polls while it denigrates the opposition. In this election year, he has churned out performances and special albums to sensitise followers of APC’s top contenders,

including stoic President Mohammadu Buhari who danced to his music. Others who have benefitted from his robust creative fountain include Lagos gubernatorial hopefuls, Babajide Sanwo-Olu and his Deputy, Obafemi Hamzat. He also took his trade to Oyo, Ekiti and Abuja for the APC’s Women and Youths’ events powered by the First Lady, Aishat Buhari and wife of the Vice President, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo to the admiration of all. Unforgettable too is his viral hit album, Next Level in collaboration with the poster boy of music in the North, Rarara, produced by Bayo Olasoju. In recent time, he has staged concerts in Abuja and Lagos.His K1 IN CONCERT was a huge success. The turn out was not only massive, the turnover was rewarding. In  Kwara, his performance was electrifying, and  his didactic message to the massive crowd at the rally reverberated as the people used their thumbs to sink the infamous Saraki’s dynasty into the dustbin of history. Come next Saturday, the people of Kwara will remember his message and vote, accordingly to say enough is enough. The political message in his songs are quite affirmative, sort of authority speaking as he pronounces that corrupt people would run away if Buhari wins the poll for second term. The anti corruption message, no doubt sends jitters into the camp of the guilty and the opposition. He is a democrat and loyalist to the mandate and person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the national leader of APC.



He understands and reads Tinubu’s body language and adheres to his principles. He is a good party man too. He mobilises and donates useful items such as cars, public address systems and campaign materials to the party at national and state levels. Frankly speaking, K1 De Ultimate does not take the centre stage at the rallies just to entertain, he educates and woos supporters for the party. His songs convey the strong appeals of the ruling party, its manifestoes – security, revived economy and anti corruption. Besides, he has a thriving business concerns- property, dredging, bakery and espresso. His music business has enjoyed tremendous growth with good managerial skills of past and present managers. His current handlers- Afeez Karim, Kassim Yusuf aka KC, Bayo Olasoju, Olamilekan Mogaji aka Gaji, Esther Akinwande and Adekunle Rasheed keep him posted on trending issues and  makes him  young at heart. The Ultimate Band thrives with the support of his children- Bode, Femi and Barrister Damilola among others directly involved. His home front has been fortified by his wife, Faithia who has been a source of joy to him at 62.

Both are blessed with lovely children. Though he started music professionally at 15 after many years as a member of Ajiwere, an itinerary Islamic music band during Ramadan before his tutelage with his mentor, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister (SAB) of late memory. He has since grown to be a big bandleader playing on big stages in Barbican, WOMAD and to audiences in Europe and America.

Without mincing words, K1 De Ultimate’s foray into political music is unusual and should interest music scholars and political analysts. He practically takes his music to the lair of the opposition and comes out unscathed. If he endorses a candidate, he or she wins. Call him strong or brave, adore him or hate him, he is hardworking, acclaimed, accomplished and all these are just written in the stars. Don’t envy him.
Happy 62nd Birthday, K1 De Ultimate!
! Biodun Kupoluyi is the publisher of E24/7 Magazine, CEO Fliptv and a former Entertainment news reporter @ Punch Newspaper

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