Kayode Alfred’s Aristocrat Clothing Launches Fashion Institute.

A fast-growing bourgeois fashion outfit, Aristocrat Clothing, which in less than three years of its launching out, is fast-making a unique statement through its rare appurtenances of an assemblage of imported fabrics and materials to make good its products and services for quality and prompt delivery.
Recently, the outfit which, since inception, has steadily remained in the consciousness of those who love and enjoy exquisite fashion statements, and those that love to look good, in another innovative drive to add more intrinsic values to its uniqueness and relevance in the industry, has just concluded concrete plans to open a training arm of the clothing line.
The new addition to the upwardly mobile fashion outfit is of yet Aristocrat Institute of Fashion Design, which will in due course begin to train intending and aspiring fashion designers a la the Aristocrat style and movement in the fashion world. As you are reading this, the institute is already enrolling students for its two-year intensive theoretical and strictly practical diploma course in Fashion Design.
According to the enterprising boss of Aristocrat Clothing, journalist-turned-clothier, Kayode Alfred, ‘the fashion institute’s idea is our own little way of giving back to the society, and we are also using avenue to entrench and unify the Aristocrat brand in the volatile fashion business world.’
Aristocrat Clothing is versatile in the making of shirts, casuals for men and women, Kaftan, snapback caps, and the traditional Yoruba Agbada outfit.

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