KWSG Launches Social Impact Development Program To support NGOs

Kwara State Government announces the launch of Kwara Social Impact Development Program (Kwara SIDEP) to Support Non Governmental Organizations.

Kwara State Government recognises and applauds the invaluable roles played by the numerous NGOs, CBOs and Social Enterprises operating in the State and through the Office of the Senior Special Assistant on Non-Governmental Affairs to the Executive Governor, has designed the Kwara SIDEP as a means to enhance and strengthen Private-Public Partnerships by providing avenues for unfettered interaction, learning and empowerment of the operations of these organizations and practitioners in the State

At the inaugural conversation on Kwara SIDEP in Ilorin on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 with representatives of NGOs in the State, Mrs. Oloruntoyosi Thomas (SSA, Non-Governmental Affairs to His Excellency) stated that Kwara SIDEP program is not an attempt by Government to monitor or exert overriding influence or control over the operations of private led non-governmental organizations operating in the state, but rather it is a social sector intervention of the Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman led administration in Kwara State, to innovate third sector operation, practice and engagement in the State.

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To this end, the Kwara State Government is set to engage massive turnkey activities to boost the development processes and outcomes via the Non-Governmental/Community Based Organizations and Social Enterprises domiciled and operating across the three Senatorial Districts and 16 Local Government Areas in Kwara State, through the following 4 thematic focus areas:
– Registration of NGOs, CBOs and Social Enterprises operating in Kwara State
– Massive Upskilling, Practise Standardization and Technical Support for NGOs, CBOs & Social Enterprises
– Innovative social partnerships & engagement amongst the NGOs, CBOs and Social Enterprises in the State.
– Create conduits for progressive partnerships between these local organizations, International Development Organizations and Kwarans in the diaspora

By providing avenues for learning and empowerment of the operations of these non-governmental organizations in the State, an integral aspect of governance is empowered to revolutionize the delivery of their contributions to development of society and overall nation building, which is clearly in line with the visions and goals of Kwara State Government.

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In His Excellency, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s words, “the Nonprofit sector is the closest to the people with the most intimate needs relating to human development and it is the responsibility of every responsive government to partner with and rightly position these organizations for greater impact to the people.”

And that is exactly what Kwara SIDEP is set out to achieve.

KWSG Launches Social Impact Development Program To support NGOs