Lanre Teriba “Atorise” Joins GOMAN Politics. Must Read. 

One of the foremost ​Nigerian celebrity gospel artist , Lanre Teriba, has declared his interest to contest for the post of Vice President of Gospel and Music Association of Nigeria (GOMAN).

Lanre Teriba.

Atorise reveals this while addressing his alleged expulsion from GOMAN.

According to him, “I remember that I am a professional artiste and I am still a full-time member of GOMAN and anytime soon, I am coming out as the vice president of GOMAN.”

Atorise further addressed the rumour that trailed his personality and the association. “Rumor is normal, it is when you are relevant that people get to talk about you; when you are not a relevant artiste people won’t say anything about you. Indisputably, it is one of those things we pay for, being a star.”

Atorise also laments on the lack of support the Nigerian entertainment industry is getting from President Buhari-led administration.

“President Muhammadu Buhari has nothing to offer the entertainment industry,” he said.

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He said this in reference to the terrible state of Nigerian economy as well as Buhari’s lack of plans for the entertainment industry.

”I see President Muhammadu Buhari as someone who doesn’t like entertainment at all and indisputably, this will affect the industry”. He further claimed.

Lanre Teriba first album titled Atorise made him a prominent face in the gospel world.

However, despite his huge success recorded in his musical career, controversies has been trailing his brand as an inspirational artiste.

Over the years Atorise has remain on top of the game, with good composition and systematic lyrics that made his fans stick to against all odds and rumours, at a point they call him controversial gospel artist but to God be the glory he is able deliver with all pressure.