Latest On How AMORAN, ACOMORAN Defrauds Ogun State Govt

Recall that this medium on Saturday exclusively report how AMORAN and ACOMORAN are defrauding Ogun State government via ticketing and urged the state  governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun to quickly swift into action, you can read more here HERE.

However, on Sunday a media aide to one of the chairman put a call through to our reporter to debunk the story but accepted that the ticket racketeering was true and that the man involved who happened to be one of the executive member was caught in the act and handed over to the police.

Our reporter asked the media aide two questions :

1, How many times has the ticket racketeering incident happened under them ?

2, Is the state government aware of the crime ?

The media aide dodged the questions and said they are at the burial of late Senator Buruji Kashamu that he will get back to him later in the day which he never did.

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It is worthy of mentioning that this medium is closely watching the government of Prince Dapo Abiodun, we makusure we put checks and balances to all activities in the state.

While the residents of Akute, Alagbole, Lambe, Ifo and the likes are commending the Governor on road palliative measures some disgruntles elements under a particular association are busy siphoning the money which the government is suppose to be using for welfarism of the people.

However, the media aide of the association in a press release not made available to our medium but sighted by our correspondent in Ogun state , he said , read below :


The attention of Ogun State AMORAN has been drawn to a vilifying publication making rounds the media where Ogun State Articulated Motorcycle Owners Association of Nigeria led by Otunba Nurudeen Aina were accused of corruption, misappropriation of funds and printing of fake tickets.

Ordinarily, the Leadership of AMORAN won’t respond to accusations of this magnitude as such statement emanates from haters, enemies of progress and devil’s incarnates who are out to cause discord and to ruin the good relationship that exists between Ogun State government and AMORAN.

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To set the records straight, the leadership of AMORAN led by Otunba Aina, Otunba Sokoya and others will never indulge in activities that will bring distrust to their individual names built over the years, hence the need to set the records straight and to avoid a faceless group of haters from misleading the general public.

Furthermore, on 25th July, 2020, the leadership of AMORAN investigated a case of a member of State Executives who was found culpable in a disgraceful act of printing inferior tickets. Indeed he was caught in the act and immediately handed over to the Police for further interrogation, investigation and litigation process. “We are amazed to read a faceless person(s) feeding the public with unfounded rumours, Alowonle stated”

Otunba Taofeek Sokoya
9th August, 2020. 

Meanwhile, report done by our medium is not based on opposition or faceless people but through investigation within the members of the association and concern body.

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Also, what we demand from the association is why they fail to tell the government that employed them and how many times it has happened under them in the space of how many months.

Again, we urge the indefatigable Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun ,  to take judicious look at the matter before it gets out of hand.

Latest On How AMORAN, ACOMORAN Defrauds Ogun State Govt