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Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), has dislodged scavengers from its landfills, as a precautionary measure against further spread of corona virus and other dangerous diseases.

The Enforcement Unit of the agency swooped on the dumpsites, chasing away the scavengers who prowl the sites for valuable items.

Commenting on the enforcement action, the Chief Operating Officer of LAWMA, Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, said the action was necessitated by the need to comply with the governors directive, that all necessary steps be taken, to prevent the spread of corona virus and other dangerous diseases in the state.

He noted that the prevailing situation required that no opportunity should be created for the virus to spread further through any outlet.

According to him, This action is a precautionary measure to prevent any possible hazard. We know that there are a couple of scavengers on the landfills and the nature of their work pre-disposes them to danger, and we do not want a situation where a problem breaks out and begins to go round the city. It is a pro-active step to prevent any untoward development.
He noted further that LAWMA would continue to work round the clock to ensure clean homes and environment, which are highly essential to curbing the further spread of COVID-19 and other dangerous diseases.

Our PSP operators will be operating throughout the sit-at-home period, to ensure that waste is promptly evacuated and properly disposed. I urge everyone to properly sort their waste and containerize it for easy evacuation and disposal by assigned PSP operators, he added.



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