Liz Dasilva In Son Perternity Mess .

As you may recall in 2012 when the news broke out that the Nollywood actress Liz Dasilva was pregnant with her first child out of wedlock. It was a peculiar headline then because there were rumours that she did not know who the real father of the unborn child was.


 Initially, it was reported that her boyfriend Hakeem (now El-haji Hakeem) based in the UK, was the father of the unborn child. But unknown to many that as at then Liz and Hakeem had actually reached an amicably separation, because Liz had cried over not been able to bear a child with Hakeem as a result of pregnancy miscarriages. She believed it was spiritual, hence she sought to move on to try her luck. Other names where mention as potential father of her unborn son. 


 However, in what appears to be a surprise on the naming ceremony day, a man named as Khalid Olaoye was presented as the father, whom she was already dating in secret. But not long after the naming of the child, that Liz realised that she has indeed made a biggest mistake by jettisoning her relationship with Hakeem by the excuse of not having a child for a guy, that was not only married but was also dating few of Liz’s colleagues in the industry.

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The latest gist reaching us now, and which we have taken out time to verify,
Is that she (Liz Dasilva) should returned the child to the biological father, after a DNA conducted in London confirms the paternity of the child to be El-haji Hakeem, also the child has since been renamed.

We Will tell you the full name of the Child in due course but we know that the Muslim name for the boy starts with a letter “H” like his older sibling in living in the UK. For those of you who still call the boy Raheem. He is not and his surname when the Islamic right was performed , and his place of study has also been changed.

We should commend liz dasilva for making the move to put the record straight and finding out before it was too late who the real father is. As we reliably gathered she made the moves, when it was becoming clear that her son’s look was changing to that of his true father as he gets older. And it was clear that she may have made a mistake by saying Khalid was the father when he was not. You may recall also that it was during the first birthday of her son that she first posted the picture of Khalid and herself and son on Instagram, facebook. Nonetheless, Khalid now knows he is not the biological father of the boy after all, and has since remained silence about it, perhaps so that it does not generate embarrassment for him. We hoped that this will serve as a lesson to others, who might be in her shoes, to wait unto the Lord and if you can not wait for the Lord, atleast wait until you are sure who true father of your child is before going into public about the father. As it is oftened said no new thing in the world.

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Source: Taofek Afolabi .