Matters Arising On Direct Primaries In Osun: Questions Oshiomhole Must Answer

Direct primaries in Osun State? Does this mean the State Govt. is not in control of the delegates?

Maybe one or some of the aspirants already have control over substantial number of delegates, and the govt realized that it would lose if they used the delegate system.

It’s actually strange that any state govt in Nigeria would run away from indirect primaries. Other issues of concern are these:

1. Direct primaries would mean that every party member in Osun state would vote at the primary.

Is there a comprehensive list of APC members in Osun State or has one been provided to the aspirants?

If not, I think it’s just a means of guaranteeing concoction of votes.

2. Does APC have enough impartial personnel to deploy to all the wards in Osun State to monitor the primaries or it intends to rely on the party members in the State as may be provided by the State Exco or the State Govt?


3. Why shift the goal post about 4 days to the primaries when the aspirants had prepared for indirect primaries all along?

Was direct primary ever used in a contested gubernatorial primary election in APC?

4. Does INEC have the resources to effectively monitor a statewide direct primary election (both human and material resources)?

Will 3 days be enough for INEC to prepare for such monitoring?

In my humble opinion, giving the circumstances, direct primary in Osun guber is an instrument adopted to effectively rig the election!

You only shift the goal post when the current order will not favour you or your anointed.