MealsByAmoke: Bukoye Fasola Shares Her Ordeal In Catering

The catering industry is an upcoming industry where a lot of people are beginning to invest money on nowadays, even though our mothers have been cooking in their own way since. But now things have taken new turn, from kitchen utensils to equipments, to seasoning, methods of cooking and the likes. We have people that invest in the business now, the business has taken a new turn.

Speaking with the CEO of MealsByAmoke, she started with the challenges, she said I think we have the quality control, economical and political instability (pricing is one of the major challenge in this case, that’s price control on food items, logistics (in this case,we have different places where we get different things) also these people we buy from buy from some people which is one of the reasons we have hike in prices.

MealsByAmoke: Bukoye Fasola Shares Her Ordeal In Catering

Revealing her passion for cooking, she said I started cooking from primary school and I used to enjoy it and I still enjoy it. Some family members , friends and acquaintances instigated my going into catering. They always commented on my meals and I’m always happy doing it. My friend was my very first client and that was the beginning. This was January 6,2019

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Bukoala said she deduced her brand from her traditional name (what the Yoruba people call Oruko Ibile is Amoke), I wasn’t used to being called Amoke so I just fell in love with the name and I decided to give it a try and since then the name stuck. So I had to coin a business name out of it .

However, she revealed that Covid-19 has affected everything in the country and in the world. We have price hikes, less patronage but it’s not been so bad.  

MealsByAmoke: Bukoye Fasola Shares Her Ordeal In Catering

Speaking further, she said MealsbyAmoke is a brand that deals with both local dishes and some international dishes, we try our hands on new things and we always learn more. I’m always on the internet surfing for new dishes, how to cook them and learning from people too. As opposed to the name Amoke, we deal with some soups from other parts of the country also we still bring the traditional cooking but in a mordern way.

Amoke’s vision is to make this business known worldwide for constant good, healthy and pocketfit meals.


Her mission is to prioritize food and make it reasonably affordable. To be able to feed the masses and elites of the society and also create a balance in being able to feed everyone .

On awards and recognition, Bukoye revealed that MealsbyAmoke came 3rd out of the 10 contestants at the Honeywell competition held in Lagos camp Iyana Ipaja last year during her service year (NYSC).

MealsbyAmoke incorporation with the Executive Chef (Fasola Bukoye) also got a certificate of recognition from NYSC for the purpose of this.

She said subsequently they hope to come up with trainings and engaging in some humanitarian services, that they would probably be partnering with some brands .

We would also be doing normal things in an unusual way. We would also be giving good and healthy food to encourage eating healthy in a very comfortable and convenient manner with good service.

Hopes, Bukoye in five years time wished to have grown wider and better in Nigeria and most likely beyond.

Marital status , Bukoye said “I am not married”

MealsByAmoke: Bukoye Fasola Shares Her Ordeal In Catering